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…not my normal genre, but…

…thanks for the advice Joe Moron Biden.
A little demonstration.

…a video of Bob Welsh, retired state trooper.

…from Steven Crowder.
Funny shit here.

…brought to you by the letter O and the number 16 trillion…
Funny video of Romney at the Al Smith dinner.

And in the spirit of fairness, here’s Obama at the same dinner.

…kicks ass. This is a man I could support for President.

…Obama’s changes that is.
Here’s a funny video from Steven Crowder.

…from Bishop E.W. Jackson.
Just wow.
It’s about time someone from the black community said this.

Been kind of busy, so this tends to get ignored.

Here’s Saving Abel’s Mississippi Moonshine:

…I am your future.
Good video with some kixkin’ rock to go along with it.

Shamelessly stolen from Kickin’ and Screamin’