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…and “We the People” aren’t going to be taking this sitting down.
I took an Oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, against all enemies foreign and domestic.

I stand with Ted Nugent.

This bullshit wouldn’t happen if he was just some Joe Schmoe that talked shit about the SCOAMF.

Ted Nugent is being RAILROADED!

Posted on May 4, 2012 by Robert

Just so you folks know how bad it is if you dare to take on “Chicago Jesus” and have a platform to do it:

Equal justice under the law? hardly. (Ted Nugent)

I clearly informed AK Asist US Attrny Jack Schmidt that he would violate his EJUTL oath when he publicly charged me in AK since no other hunter ever charged would end up as a feature story across the globe viciously attacked by the entrenched gang of political & media haters that were obviously on his side.

That aint equal shit any way ya cut it.

It was also agreed I would be under “unsupervised probation for 2yrs” (again, far far from equal in these cases) but VIOLA!! Now I am contacted by Fedzilla probation officers in TX and must in fact be “supervised” by them on a regular basis, including filling out questionnaire’s asking me if I share the booty from my crimes with family & friends, if my crimes are motivated by an anger towards society & many numerous other numbnut subhuman lowlife punkass recividistic maggot supervisionery tactics that couldn’t be more polar opposite of my 63 year life of exemplary behavior.

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Piers Morgan Moron is just another anti-gun POS. Ted Nugent puts him in his place.

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