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…of public sector unions.

It’s disgusting to me that PSUs get away with the bullshit that they get away with. The teacher’s unions always screaming “it’s for the children,” when in reality it is for them. It is their greed and their pensions that need to be padded by the public through taxation. These unions have a monopoly that must be broken up in order to bring sanity to the fiscal problems that most cities have these days.

They don’t want to have standards imposed on them that would threaten their tenure. Accountability for their crappy education skills are constantly being fought tooth and nail. Just look at the graduation rates across the country. Chicago has a 40% dropout rate. And they want more money for that shit? Pathetic.

Charter schools are a way to put a stop to the monopoly of teacher’s unions. The schools are better and the kids get a better education. It’s a fact.

Take Chicago, please.
Here’s an excellent article that goes in depth on this issue.

How to Stymie the Teachers Unions
by Richard A. Epstein

Want to prevent another Chicago? Let charter schools flourish.

n September 18, 2012, the Chicago Teachers Union negotiated a settlement with the City after going on strike for seven days. At issue in the dispute were critical issues like teacher salaries, working conditions, and teacher evaluations. As is typical in these situations, neither side held all the high cards. The two parties had to agree to compromises that patched up the current difficulties without implementing any sensible long-term reforms.

The wage piece of the deal is likely to add about $74 million per year over the next four years to a municipal budget that is already deeply in the red. The extra dollars that go into wages will be taken out of other budgets, rendering classrooms and other facilities less suitable than before. The moderately stiffer standards for teacher evaluation, both before and after tenure, may make marginal improvements in teaching performance, but none that will be significant in the short term. The overall dismal performance of the Chicago public school system, with its 60 percent graduation rate, will remain more or less what it has been.

The recent news affirms that public education in Chicago and other major cities needs to be fundamentally overhauled. The first item on the reform list should be the collective bargaining system, which has taken over public education for the last fifty or so years. Collective bargaining has its roots in the private sector, where it received a huge boost from the passage of the National Labor Relations Act of 1935.



This comes from the CATO Institute and is a real eye opener. You keep hearing teachers and teacher’s unions crying for more money because “it’s for the children,” but have you taken a look at the numbers of teachers hired vs. student enrollment vs. cost over time from 1970 to today?

You’ll be sick.

Obama vs. Romney on Public School Jobs

Posted by Andrew J. Coulson

In a high-profile presser on the economy last Friday, President Obama’s central proposal was to hire more public employees. Then, in his weekly address, he argued that hiring more public school teachers would allow the U.S. to educate its way to prosperity. His Republican presidential rival, Governor Romney, has recommended precisely the opposite: reducing the size of government to boost private sector job growth–and he, too, mentions public school teachers. So… who’s right?

First, let’s look at public school employment and student enrollment over time.

Read more: Obama’s Stock Answer: ‘More Government’

H/T Hill Buzz.

Yeah, they deserve it! It’s for the children!

Our country is hosed.

I hate unions. I think they create an atmosphere that is not conducive to competition within the free market system. They are expensive for the employer and they pretty much tie the employer’s hands when it comes to getting rid of the assholes that don’t do their job effectively.

Case in point; teacher’s unions.

How many times have you heard them cry “it’s for the children!” whenever they whine for more money? They use that shit every time they want more money. It’s not for the children. Don’t buy that shit. 80% of the money that states and municipalities throw at schools goes into the teacher’s pockets, either through a bloated bureaucracy, or to their pensions and health care.

How much do teachers pay for their health care? In places like Detroit, or L.A. it’s zero. When those assholes are striking, it’s not for the children, it’s for their own bottom line.
It’s high time that unions were disallowed in public service and especially in schools.

Check this out:

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This statistic alone should make you wonder. If it were up to the media, you’d never hear about this stuff. Most people think that the Catholic Priests are the real problem. Think again.

Why are women teachers so hot for students? ‘This kid is the most honest person I’ve met in my life’

Compare the numbers with the much-publicized Catholic Church scandal.

A study by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops concluded 10,667 young people were sexually mistreated by priests between 1950 and 2002.

Shakeshaft’s study, however, estimates that roughly 290,000 students experienced some sort of physical sexual abuse by a public school employee between 1991 and 2000 alone.

If female employees are responsible for 40 percent of those crimes, that means America could be facing an average of more than 11,000 instances of women abusing students in school each year – in other words, more cases in one year than were reported in 50 years of Catholic priest abuse.