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This is a must read.

Our Republic will cease to exist if this isn’t stopped. This is not an idle threat. Our freedoms are at stake here. America will fracture over this.

Passage of the Amnesty Bill Will Spell the End of Our Republic

Guest post by James Simpson

On Monday, June 24, 2013, the U.S. Senate passed a cloture motion (which ends debate) on the Schumer-Corker-Hoeven Amendment to the Gang of Eight’s horrifying illegal alien amnesty bill – mislabeled “immigration reform.”

The true purpose of this amnesty proposal is to capture future votes for the Democratic Party. Those who do not acknowledge that blatantly obvious fact either suffer from some debilitating mental illness or are working for the other side.

On rare occasions, even the Left admit the objective. Eliseo Medina, the honorary Chair of the Democratic Socialists of America, and International Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), said in 2008:

…If we reform the immigration laws, it puts 12 million people on the path to citizenship and eventually voters. Can you imagine if we have …even two out of three, if we get 8 million new voters… we will create a governing coalition for the long term, not just for an election cycle.

The “governing coalition for the long term” refers of course to the “permanent progressive majority” Democrats have fantasized about for decades.

via Doug Ross @ Journal: Passage of the Amnesty Bill Will Spell the End of Our Republic.

…dead in its tracks.
“Comprehensive immigration reform” is just code for amnesty. Don’t be fooled by the rhetoric.
Obama wants the amnesty to happen without closing the borders. He’s a lying scumbag.

It’s all bullshit.

…then anyone who has ever donated to the Republican Party should cease to do so in the future. Not one fucking dime. Since the RINO fever has struck these idiots in the House and Senate, then we as donors should cease all donations to that Party. Invest your money on a Party that will actually represent your interests. The Republicans ain’t it.

Brent Bozell is saying as much:

A prominent conservative activist and fundraiser is reportedly threatening to steer donors away from the Republican Party if GOP lawmakers agree to raise taxes.

Brent Bozell, founder and president of conservative watchdog group Media Research Center, sent a letter to Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus on Wednesday promising to advise conservative donors to shun the party if its leaders in Congress sign a deal to raise taxes, The Hill reports.

Bozell — who is also the chairman of ForAmerica Inc., a Virginia-based nonprofit — has been active in conservative political circles for three decades and estimated he has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for a litany conservative causes.

“Reince, it pains me to say this, but if the Republican Party breaks its word to the American people and goes along with President Obama with tax increases, it will have betrayed conservatives for the final time,” Bozell wrote. “I will make it my mission to ensure that every conservative donor to the Republican Party that I have worked with for the last three decades — and there are many and they have given tens of millions to Republican causes — gives not one penny more to the Republican Party or any member of Congress that votes for tax increases.”


…as Americans that believe in a Constitutional Republic, we may have lost this battle, but the war isn’t over until the fat lady sings. And that bitch ain’t no where to be seen.

As Conservatives, we must fight to rid the GOP of the feckless RINOs that infest the party, or we will continue to have to deal with a third party that will continue to siphon off votes from the GOP. Case in point: With 94% of the vote counted in Virginia, Obama over Romney by 13,674. Gary Johnson has 27,602. Libertarians helped Obama win this election. Romney wasn’t conservative enough to bring them into the big GOP tent and it shows.

Until the GOP gets rid of RINOs like John McCain, Mitt Romney and the like, it will continue to sound like the other guy and not offer the contrast that would show the general populace that liberalism is a death knell for any country that espouses it.

Don’t give up on America. Fight for it. Fight for it hard. I will.

Read this:

Courage for the Long War Ahead

On November 6, the people of the United States rejected President Barack Obama. And re-elected him to a second term in office. The same constitutional peculiarity that brought George W. Bush into office in 2000 has now returned Barack Obama to the White House. The irony is more all the more painful for Republicans–and sweeter for Democrats–since Mitt Romney won by a larger margin, and apparently won a popular majority.

The voters also re-affirmed the results of the historic Tea Party election of 2010, returning Republicans to power in the House of Representatives. And yet the voters also retained Democrats in control of the Senate, preserving the results of the anti-war wave election of 2006. The U.S. Congress is now divided between two parties whose members were elected on platforms of protest, each determined to stop the other from pursuing its policies.

In the days that follow, great efforts will be spent on explaining the results as consequences of many factors, big and small. Perhaps Obama would have lost if not for Hurricane Sandy. Perhaps Romney would have won if he had fought harder over Benghazi or pushed back against personal attacks. Perhaps the GOP is out of touch with the country’s changing mores and demographics. Perhaps Democrats have not yet reckoned with fiscal reality.

Both sides lost. The American people, in effect, handed a vote of no confidence to Washington. But it is true that Republicans, and conservatives more generally, lost more than Democrats. The presidency is more powerful than ever, and Obama will likely have the opportunity to nominate at least one additional Supreme Court justice, tipping the ideological balance of the Court in a profoundly liberal, statist direction for the next generation.


…out for you?
Not so good I guess. Sure isn’t doing me any favors.

Household Incomes Fall In Aug., Off 8.2% Under Obama

In another sign that the economic recovery under President Obama is not producing gains for average Americans, median household incomes fell 1.1% in August to $50,678, according to a report released Tuesday by Sentier Research.

Since the economic recovery started in June 2009, household incomes are down 5.7%, the Sentier data show, and they are down more than 8% since Obama took office.

“Even though we are technically in an economic recovery, real median annual household income is having a difficult time maintaining its present level, much less recovering,” said Sentier co-founder and former Census Bureau official Gordon Green.

Earlier this month, the Census Bureau released its annual report showing that the number of people in poverty was nearly 3 million higher in 2011 than in 2009, an increase of 6%.

That report also found that average incomes for middle- and lower-income households fell in 2011 after adjusting for inflation. They rose only for the wealthiest 20% of households.


…hits $16 trillion.
When are we going to stop the hemorrhaging?

Who do we owe most of that $16 trillion to? Hint: It isn’t China

Ask most folks who holds the lion’s share of America’s $16 trillion debt and they’ll tell you China.

But they would be wrong. The correct answer is Americans. Fully two-thirds of the national debt is owed to United States investors and future retirees, through the Social Security Trust Fund and pension plans for civil service workers and military personnel. China, it turns out, holds less than 8 percent of the money our government has borrowed over the years.

“It is true that China is the largest foreign owner of our debt,” said Josh Gordon, policy director of the Concord Coalition, a Virginia-based nonprofit that advocates getting the nation’s debt under control. “But the vast majority of our debt is held by us.”


…is an absolute FAIL.

So, how’s that bailout working for you? Not so good you say.

Well, it’s worse than you think it is. And the SCOAMF wants to do this to other industries too. Socialism at it’s finest.

Obama’s ‘Success Story’ Headed for Bankruptcy

On the campaign trail, Barack Obama’s signature definition of “success” is the government bailout of General Motors. “I said I believe in American workers, I believe in this American industry, and now the American auto industry has come roaring back,” he told an audience in Pueblo, CO last week. “Now I want to do the same thing with manufacturing jobs, not just in the auto industry, but in every industry.” That pronouncement should send a shiver up the spine of every American, due to an inconvenient reality: according to Forbes Magazine, GM is likely headed for bankruptcy all over again.

The numbers are stark. The 500,000 shares of GM stock, comprising 26 percent of the company owned by the government–or more accurately the American taxpayer–sold for $20.21 on Tuesday. This left the government holding $10.1 billion worth of stock representing an unrealized loss of $16.4 billion. Even worse, in order to reach the break-even point, the stock would have to sell for around $53 per share.


…and Congress is silent.

Congress has refused to enforce the law of the land. By allowing this usurpation of the law by a lawless president, they condone the action. Fire them all.

Amnesty for illegal aliens begins today and Congress couldn’t care less
By , Kristen Williams

This lazy August morning while many Americans are on vacation blissfully detached from current events, one of President’s Obama’s most radical transformations of the American landscape takes hold. A lawless, unlegislated illegal alien amnesty becomes reality today as the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) begins to officially accept applications (no personal interview required) from almost 2 million illegal aliens seeking “deferred action.”

Americans won’t like the amnesty and they won’t like how it was done, but they’re not to blame.  Only Congress has the power to act against a president who throws the constitutional system into chaos by nullifying the laws Congress has enacted and governs by imperial edicts. Congress is out of town now, but frankly, even when they were in town they were out of touch and unwilling to challenge President Obama’s usurpation of their exclusive plenary authority over immigration policy.

Today’s amnesty is the dénouement of the backdoor tactics this president has been peddling since taking office and should have been no surprise to Congress.

Read more:

I knew this shit head would do this.
Two faced, no balls, and another McCain up against Odouche nozzle.
Pisses me off.

America's Watchtower

  One of the concerns that many conservatives have had about Mitt Romney was that–for want of a better term–he lacks the balls to attack Barack Obama. We saw what happened in 2008 when John McCain refused to go after Barack Obama and we worried that Mitt Romney would be John McCain lite, and now it looks as if our concern has been justified.

  When Newt Gingrich was still in the primary race and he called on Mitt Romney to condemn attack ads which a Romney Super PAC was running against him Mitt Romney stated he couldn’t do so because federal election law prohibited him from coordinating or communicating with Super PACs.

  Fast forward to today: A Super PAC is planning on airing ads which will attack Barack Obama for his twenty year association with the America and Jew hating Reverend Jeremiah Wright, and Mitt Romney was quick to…

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This was a good victory for Conservatism. It’s time we stopped sucking up to Democrats. The ONLY time you hear about bipartisanship is when Republicans cave to the Democrats. It never works the other way.

So. to all you RINO fucks out there, let  this be another warning. You will get fired.

Fuck RINOs.

Fuck Democrats.

Tea Party defeat of Lugar a warning for others

by Susan Ferrechio Chief Congressional Correspondent

Republican Richard Mourdock’s victory in the Indiana Republican Senate primary Tuesday cut short the 35-year political career of a GOP lawmaker known for his willingness to work with Democrats on Capitol Hill and sent a clear message to other Republicans that compromise is now tantamount to treason.

Mourdock ended Sen. Richard Lugar’s quest for a seventh term with the help of the ultraconservative Tea Party, which sees no need to compromise with Democrats in an era of sluggish economic growth, skyrocketing federal debt and a Democratic president bent on expanding the reach of the federal government.

“Compromise, in the minds of Democrats, is wanting us to surrender, and that is essentially what Sen. Lugar does,” said Greg Fettig, co-founder of Hoosiers for a Conservative Senate, an umbrella Tea Party organization in Indiana that boasts a membership of more than 25,000. “Sen. Lugar epitomizes what is wrong with the GOP.”

via Tea Party defeat of Lugar a warning for others | Campaign 2012 | Washington Examiner.