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…no love here.

Worst President EVER.

…a video that needs to go viral.

To the many SEALs, Soldiers, and Airmen that were lost over the weekend may your spirits be at rest now. Your duty is done.

Rest in peace.

And to their families for raising such men, my sincerest condolences for your loss.

Please read Onward.

This is a very well written and very detailed piece on the raid that killed Bin Laden. I highly recommend it. I meant to post this yesterday, but got side tracked.

Getting Bin Laden



Three SEALs in front broke off to clear the guesthouse as the remaining nine blasted through another gate and entered an inner courtyard, which faced the main house. When the smaller unit rounded the corner to face the doors of the guesthouse, they spotted Kuwaiti running inside to warn his wife and children. The Americans’ night-vision goggles cast the scene in pixellated shades of emerald green. Kuwaiti, wearing a white shalwar kameez, had grabbed a weapon and was coming back outside when the SEALs opened fire and killed him.

The nine other SEALs, including Mark, formed three-man units for clearing the inner courtyard. The Americans suspected that several more men were in the house: Kuwaiti’s thirty-three-year-old brother, Abrar; bin Laden’s sons Hamza and Khalid; and bin Laden himself. One SEAL unit had no sooner trod on the paved patio at the house’s front entrance when Abrar—a stocky, mustachioed man in a cream-colored shalwar kameez—appeared with an AK-47. He was shot in the chest and killed, as was his wife, Bushra, who was standing, unarmed, beside him.

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