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…eleven years later.

I was driving to Fort Irwin that morning when I heard on the radio as I was pulling into the parking lot that the first plane had hit the WTC. It was just a few minutes before 6:00. I walked into the Training Analysis Facility and every TV in the building was tuned to FOX news watching the first WTC building burning. As we watched, like the rest of America that was glued to the TV, we saw the second plane hit the other tower and everyone in the room knew it was a terrorist attack.

Within just minutes of the second plane hitting the tower Fort Irwin was locked down and all air traffic was grounded.
The thought of those thousands of people trapped in those buildings was terrible, but little did we know it was about to get worse.
When the WTC towers fell the silence in the room was almost deafening. Then the anger and the remorse for those lost souls really hit the place pretty hard.
For the thousands that died that day I feel sad for their shortened lives and the lives that were impacted directly by their loss.

May they all rest in peace, and may their loved ones feel the peace of God in their lives.

Never forget.

Need more Muslims in Congress my ass.
Especially when they espouse crap that is the antithesis of the Constitution and its principles.

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Muslim Congressman Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN)  should be voted out of office by all non-Muslims in his district.

Published on Jul 5, 2012 by ReligionOfConquest

Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN), the Muslim Congressman says American Schools should use Koran as their ‘Foundation’ (6:30) and Muslims should “Groom” America’s future leaders and presidents. And Allah won’t let you stop Muslims!

Here is some more unsettling things that was said……

7:30 “American must understand that she needs muslims. There are over 7 million muslims in this country.”

8:07 “I say to those who are here under cover … Allah will not allow you to stop us.”

9 “There are only two muslims in Congress and we want more; and we have to have more.”

12:45 “Our very lifestyle, the way we live, the way that is prescribed for us in the Koran is a form of Dawah if we live it…

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Since the Muslim Douche Bags, Brotherhood have taken over Egypt, it is way beyond time for us to stop funding terrorists with my tax money. Let them sink or swim under their own power.




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Walsh: Cut Aid to Egypt

Representative calls for aid reduction after election

Rep. Joe Walsh (R., Ill.) is calling for the U.S. to ax foreign aid to Egypt in light of a recent election that put in power a new Muslim Brotherhood-backed president who said that he is reassessing the country’s peace treaty with Israel and considering increasing ties to Iran.

“The sole purpose for providing Egypt with over $2 billion dollars a year in U.S taxpayer dollars was to maintain the peace treaty with Israel and promote stability in the region,” Walsh said in a statement provided to the Free Beacon. “With the Muslim brotherhood now calling on closer ties to Iran and a redo of the peace treaty with Israel, I see no reason to send one more dollar of U.S aid to Egypt.  Every dollar wasted propping up this new government is a dollar wasted that should be going to paying down our debt or providing tax relief to struggling American families.”

Egypt should not be rewarded with taxpayer money for threatening to cut ties with Israel, Walsh said. As Americans struggle in a stagnating economy, the U.S. should only be funding those countries that will uphold U.S. values abroad.





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Why are we not going after these asshats instead of placating them? They are inside our government and they have the pResident’s ear. Islamophobia is a tool that these fuckers use to shut people up. Information dominance is being practiced by these douche bags on a daily basis. 

Be prepared. This shit is going to get real ugly before it gets better.

Watch this, or die ignorant.


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Another dead tango. Too bad this asshole wasn’t killed before he murdered these people. Rot in hell you fuck.

Al Qaeda fanatic is DEAD: Serial killer jumps out flat window with all guns blazing in dramatic end to 32-hour siege

The Al Qaeda fanatic who murdered seven people in south west France died in a vicious gunfire battle after police stormed his apartment following a 32-hour siege.The Toulouse terrorist burst out of his flat’s bathroom ‘shooting insanely’ at officers, before leaping to his death from a window.
In scenes reminiscent of a Hollywood film, Mohammad Merah, 23, unleashed round after round from automatic weapons after gas cannisters were thrown into his apartment and police stormed in.Two officers were injured, including one who is still in a serious condition.

via Toulouse shooting: First picture of Al Qaeda fanatic Mohammed Merah suspected of killing 7 | Mail Online.

Pat Condell tells the press they’re pusses. It’s not news, but this is pretty good.

Stole it from Ace.

A round up of Jihad Watch:

Detroit Muslim leaders: Fort Hood attack had nothing to do with Islam

Texas congressman: Fort Hood jihadist wired money to Pakistan

Misunderstander of Islam in Florida tries to send flowers to Fort Hood jihadist

Australia: Muslims beat 11-year-old for eating a salami sandwich

Raymond Ibrahim: Al-Qaeda’s grievance-mongering to the West while “telling Muslims that the jihad must persevere until the globe is governed according to Islamic law [is] ignored”

Muslims with peaceful machetes and clubs attack Christian worship service in Uganda

Rochester, NY: Muslim intentionally tries to run down people with his car

A Glimpse ….

Jihad in America, the past three weeks:

Fort Hood Jihad

Muslim Garbed Jihadi Nidal Hasan Screamed “Allah Akbar” as he Mowed Down US Soldiers at Fort Hood, Death Toll Rises

Going Muslim on a Photographer outside Michigan Mosque

Son of an Imam Killed in Gun Battle with the FBI in Detroit is Arrested

Michigan Mosque leader killed during Islamic gun battle with fed

Hush Hush: Huge Fed/FBI Raid on Chicago Halal Goat Meat Slaughterhouse

Boston Muslim Terrorist Son of MAS (Muslim American Society) Leader

Another Conviction of Muslims Engaged in Plotting Islamic Attacks Against American Overseas

NY Imam Indicted in NYC Terror Attack Plot

Massive Muslim Attack Averted: “plot to kill two prominent US politicians and carry out a holy war by attacking shoppers in US malls and American troops in Iraq”

Obama First Female Veiled Islamist Appointee, Dalia Mogahed, Promotes Sharia, Says it’s “Misunderstood

New York Muslim indicted for plotting to kill U.S. troops

FBI arrests Jordanian for downtown Dallas bomb plot…

NYC: Muslims Protest “RACIAL PROFILING” in wake of arrests in major jihad terror plot

Illinois man charged in plot to bomb federal offices…

Terror suspects accused of targeting Marine base in Quantico…

Men vanish after taking photos of Philly subway system…