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…when the US completely withdrew, the Islamists just built themselves back up and are now doing exactly what anyone with half a brain could see coming.

Our foreign policy is a joke and the rest of the world see the US as a joke.

How many Soldiers died fighting for that shit hole and now it’s back in the hands of Al-Qaeda




Militants Overrun Iraq’s Second-Largest City as Government Forces FleeMosul Strike Is Serious Blow to Baghdad’s Efforts to Control Widening Insurgency

The Iraqi government declared a state of emergency Tuesday as al Qaeda-linked militants from ISIS, or the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, violently seized control of Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city. Via The Foreign Bureau, WSJ’s global news update.

BAGHDAD—Islamist insurgents seized control of Iraq’s second-largest city on Tuesday in a brazen military operation that underscored the weakness of the central government across vast swaths of the country.

Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki declared a nationwide “state of maximum preparedness” after government forces fled Mosul in disarray following four days of fighting. He asked parliament to declare a state of emergency. But he didn’t say whether military forces were mobilizing to retake the city, 220 miles north of the capital, Baghdad.

via Militants Overrun Iraq’s Second-Largest City as Government Forces Flee – WSJ.

Note: Erloser is German for savior.


… from City’s Central Bank to Make Isis World’s Richest Terror Force.

Who didn’t see this one coming?

The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Shams (Isis) has become the richest terror group ever after looting 500 billion Iraqi dinars – the equivalent of $429m (£256m) – from Mosul’s central bank, according to the regional governor.

Nineveh governor Atheel al-Nujaifi confirmed Kurdish televison reports that Isis militants had stolen millions from numerous banks across Mosul. A large quantity of gold bullion is also believed to have been stolen.

Following the siege of the country’s second city, the bounty collected by the group has left it richer than al-Qaeda itself and as wealthy as small nations such as Tonga, Kiribati, the Marshall Islands and the Falkland Islands.

via Mosul Seized: Jihadis Loot $429m from City’s Central Bank to Make Isis World’s Richest Terror Force.

…again in the Middle East?
Sure looks that way to me.

How’s that foreign policy working out for our fearless SCOAMF?

Obama Miscalculated Politics of Terrorism

“It’s a cavalcade of obstacles right now.”

— A “senior American law enforcement official” talking to the New York Times about the fact that the scene of a successful terrorist attack against the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya is too dangerous for FBI agents to visit.

Today in Iraq, there was a massive prison break in which dozens of baddies broke out of a prison in Saddam Hussein’s hometown. The inmates, including suspected al Qaeda members, took control of the prison and then shot their way out, leaving 10 guards dead.

The scariest part of the proposition is that al Qaeda members on the outside may have helped their comrades pull it off.

This is bad news for the West in general as it shows another sign of al Qaeda regaining a foothold in the Middle East after many years in decline. Just as prior to the U.S.-led war on the organization that began after the 9/11 attacks, the organization is finding weak, wicked or unstable countries in which to operate.


I heard this on the Dennis Miller show this morning. It is a organization that is trying to get a flag recognized by the US and the states, for fallen Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and the Coast Guard, that have died in combat.

I lost a good friend in Iraq in 2006. I think about him every day. I think this is a worthy cause and deserves your support. Please go to their website and check out the flag, and donate, sign their petition, buy a flag, spread the word.


Honor and Remember

In the more than 200 years of our nation’s history there has never been an officially designated symbol that reminds us specifically of the sacrifice made by members of our military and the lives lost in service to our country.We propose the Honor and Remember Flag as the national emblem for that purpose.

via Honor and Remember, Inc..

I agree. The war is over. We won. Now you fuckwits on the left should apologize, then STFU.

The War is Over

I declare November 22, 2008 to be “Victory in Iraq Day.” (Hereafter known as “VI Day.”)

By every measure, The United States and coalition forces have conclusively defeated all enemies in Iraq, pacified the country, deposed the previous regime, successfully helped to establish a new functioning democratic government, and suppressed any lingering insurgencies. The war has come to an end. And we won.

What more indication do you need? An announcement from the outgoing Bush administration? It’s not gonna happen. An announcement from the incoming Obama administration? That’s really not gonna happen. A declaration of victory by the media? Please. Don’t make me laugh. A concession of surrender by what few remaining insurgents remain in hiding? Forget about it.

The moment has come to acknowledge the obvious. To overtly declare a fact that has already been true for quite some time now. Let me repeat:


And since there will never be a ticker-tape parade down Fifth Avenue in New York for our troops, it’s up to us, the people, to arrange a virtual ticker-tape parade. An online victory celebration.

Michael Yon’s take on it:

Down with Barriers, Up with Iraq

On November 13th I covered a mission in south Baghdad with soldiers from the 4th Infantry Division.  General Petraeus once told me during the height of the fighting, back when violence was the lingua franca and victory was very much in question, that this area was the canary in the mineshaft.  In his exact words regarding what Lieutenant Colonel Pat Frank had to deal with in one of the toughest places in Iraq, “SW Baghdad…has every challenge imaginable — AQI, JAM, micro-fault-lines, good/bad ISF partners, good/bad neighborhood leaders, and Route Irish!  It will be the canary in the mineshaft; if they can pull it off, this will be doable….”

It is critical to point out that General Petraeus told me this in 2007 –  just at the crest of “the Surge” during some of the fiercest fighting in the war.  Many people at home were saying the new strategy was a complete failure, but the Coalition and Iraqi soldiers were not tapping out, not taking a break, giving no quarter to the enemy, and expecting none in return.

General Petraeus went on about what he was seeing, “Just back from a patrol base in Arab Jabour, SE of Baghdad, another incredible place.  Was an AQI sanctuary three weeks ago.  Now the head sheik has given four of his best men to the newly arrived Bn Cdr to help him find/kill/capture AQI in the AO.  Very impressive/heartening.”

Three Small Things

BillNovember 24, 2008

I’d like you to do three things for me. Doing the second one won’t take long, but doing the first and the third — well, just take as long as you need.

First, I’d like you to think back and remember how you felt when you heard the news that they’d found and recovered SSG Matt Maupin’s remains.

Happy Ending

Posted: 19 Nov 2008 in Military, Politics

Happy Ending

Between 2007 and 2008, I got to know a man in South Baghdad whose codename was “Bishop.”  This is the short story of his life.His parents were Kurdish Sunnis.  They moved to Baghdad 34 years ago – recently married and excited to make a new life for themselves and create a family.  Bishop’s real name was Bashar Akram Ameen; the name given to him when he was born on October 6, 1978 in the Abu Ghraib apartments in Baghdad.  Bashar had three sisters and one brother.  His schooling included graduating from a Baghdad high school in the class of ’96 and attending the Agriculture College of Baghdad University from 1997 until 2002 when he graduated.  America had just set its sights on toppling Saddam.

Shortly after graduating, Bashar began service in the Iraqi Army Reserve, but that lasted only three months, because the U.S. crushed a great part of the Iraqi Army and then officially dissolved the rest.  For three months, Bashar was one of those unemployed young men we worried about.  He got a job in October of 2003 as a bodyguard for an Iraqi judge.  His first job didn’t last long because insurgents assassinated the judge.  Feeling lost and a bit frightened, Bashar decided to look for a “safer” job, and began interpreting for, as he called it, “the Sally Port Security Company” in al-Mansour, Baghdad.  Insurgents in his neighborhood figured out that he was working for an American company, and on February 21, 2006, as he left his job at 6:00 pm, they started shooting at him in his car, “…but I miraculously survived,” Bashar  explained to me, “and that was the reason to leave my job at that company.”


Chicago has a handgun ban, in case you didn’t know. Thanks to that little fact, there have been 125 homicides over the summer, more than the KIAs in Iraq. Yep, you read that correctly. With escalating violence and a corrupt regime, maybe we should just pull out of Chicago and let the gang members take over that crappy city. The insurgents there have won. Withdraw the police now!

From Victor Davis Hanson:

Every Democratic Presidential and VP nominee of the last thirty years, with the exception of Al Gore (law school drop out), has been a lawyer—Obama (s) and Biden, Kerry and Edwards, Gore and Lieberman, Clinton (s) and Gore, Dukakis and Bentsen, and Mondale and Ferraro.

And the drooling on the left continues. That bitch Boxer opens her salivating clap trap to spew forth more bullshit than ought to be permissible from any politician.

Moonbat Extremist Babs Boxer: Saracuda Is Way Outside the Mainstream

This is rich. Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) has denounced Sarah Palin as “way outside” the mainstream because Saracuda believes in the sanctity of human life and is skeptical of the global warming hoax.

In contrast, Boxer’s supposedly more mainstream views include support for the ghastly form of execution known as partial birth abortion; coercive taxpayer funding of abortion; homosexual “marriage”; superior legal status for blacks, homosexuals, and transvestites; granting Social Security benefits to illegal aliens; amnesty for illegal aliens, including those who have committed felonies; providing federal funds to sanctuary cities that openly flout US immigration laws; imposing costly burdens on power companies; constitutional rights for foreign terrorists; and lawsuits blaming gun manufacturers for shootings, an attempt to use trial lawyers to preempt the Second Amendment.


In other news:

Europe Faces an Annual Climate Policy Bill of $86 Billion

Tony Barber, Financial Times, 4 September 2008

Europe’s Reliance on Russian Oil, Gas and Coal To Deepen

AP, 4 September 2008

GOP Embraces Drilling and Green Energy

Declan McCullagh, Cnet News, 4 September 2008

Republicans Make Energy Security Top Issue

AFP, 2 September 2008

This Is the Energy Election

Lawrence Kudlow, NRO, 3 September 2008

Global Warming Falls on List of Concerns

NBC News, 2 September 2008

Let’s not mince words, eh? We won the war in Iraq. Barrack Hussein Obama says it wasn’t because of anything that we did, it was something else. BO is a liberal moron. Anyone that votes for him I will consider a liberal moron. This isn’t the only issue, not by a long shot. This is however, one that speaks volumes about this liberal moron that has shit for experience in anything other than the same old bullshit liberal corrupt Chicago politics.

The absolute nerve of this moron to presume that he can just say whatever the fuck he feels like saying is ludicrous at best. The mere thought of him saying: “he instructed Gen. David Petraeus on the proper military strategy for the future” is absolutely priceless. What the fuck does the junior moron from Illinois know about military strategy? Maybe he learned it by watching the History Hitler Channel on the weekends. Obama would have trouble suggesting how to wipe one’s ass, let alone give the most successful general of our time, any instructions.



By Ralph Peters

A HURRICANE smacks the Big Easy again. Back-to- back political conventions. A surprise VP pick. Russians behaving like Russians . . .

All too easy to miss the biggest story out of Iraq this year: Yesterday, security responsibility for once-bloody Anbar Province officially passed from the US military to the Baghdad government.

Fallujah. Ramadi. Al Qaeda’s worst atrocities. Those opposed to the liberation of Iraq celebrated years of headlines from Anbar.

Then it all changed: We won – and the headlines vanished.


If it Quacks…

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Over at Kim Dutoit’s joint:

Quacking Like A Duck

Howard talks about the Urkel position that Dares Not Speak Its Name:

Obama’s associates are more and more who he is and what he really stands for. I will restrict myself to just a single form of reparations that his associates advocate.

Three of his closest “advisors” endorse a form of reparations for all Black people to pay for their education (you know, the one they were deprived of a hundred and fifty years ago, allegedly).

Obama has not endorsed reparations directly, he ain’t personally doing it, but his long time pal, Bill Ayers has. Obama also has other pals. Linda Darling-Hammond (woman #1) who is his “education Advisor” backs a clear policy for the repayment of the alleged “education debt” to people of color.

So by not actively rebutting this loony idea, Urkel obviously supports it, hence the title of this post.

So, the recap on Urkel’s actual positions so far (as opposed to dreamy bromides like “change we can believe in”):

· punitive corporate taxes

· “reparations” to Blacks

· punitive taxes on earnings (e.g. capital gains tax)

· increased gun control (like the AWB)

· accommodationist foreign policy

· more Green regulation at the (considerable) expense of oil-based and nuclear power

· subservience to unions (education, labor etc.)

I highlight this for the above references to the normal democrat BS that most people who think Obamaramadingdong is the One, that his crap is the same old crap that the democrats have been spewing for as long as I can remember.

In other news, not worthy of the lame stream media:

U.S. hands back a quieter Anbar Province

RAMADI, Iraq: Two years ago, Anbar Province was the most lethal place for American forces in Iraq. A U.S. marine or soldier died in the province nearly every day, and the provincial capital, Ramadi, was a moonscape of rubble and ruins. Islamic extremists controlled large pieces of territory, with some so ferocious in their views that they did not even allow the baking of bread.

On Monday, U.S. commanders formally returned responsibility for keeping order in Anbar Province, once the heartland of the Sunni insurgency, to the Iraqi Army and police. The ceremony, including a parade on a freshly paved street, capped one of the most significant turnabouts in the country since the war began five and a half years ago.


The nutroots are really a pathetic bunch of losers. I despise the left with all my soul. These people need to be removed from the gene pool, in my opinion. Their attacks on Sarah Palin’s daughter are absolutely beyond the pale. Morons.

Great article by Victor Davis Hansen:

Palin: too much Hope and Change?

The Great Liberal Crack-up
Sarah Palin has not even been widely known nationally for a week. We await her speeches, interviews, and grace or lack of it under fire. There will be examination like none other.

Yet in anticipation, the liberal establishment has gone simply haywire this last week. Joe Biden—anyone who has followed his career knows that it is only a matter of time before he makes something up about himself, says something inane, or claims something is true that is not—has announced her “good-looking,” in a way he once dismissed Obama as “clean.” (You see, most others lack Biden’s brilliant intellect, and so only advanced on their looks, which he apparently acknowledges through his own hair transplants as marginally important in politics).

The former head of the Democratic National Committee, Don Fowler announced that Hurricane Gustav was God’s payback to the Republicans—apparently not so unusual a liberal quip since caring Michael Moore hyper-ventilated about the same phenomenon. Their point apparently is fourfold: 1) people who believe in God get ironic payback; 2) it’s nice to see political opponents’ best laid convention plans disrupted by natural disaster and Obama helped; 3) My God!—there is no Obama post-convention bounce!; 4) who cares about what happens to millions in Gustav’s path?

The attacks on innocent people and children, no less, by the leftist scum of the earth are tantamount to terrorism. These people should be brought up on charges of terrorism and prosecuted for it. This is not free speech. It is terrorism.

Need the definition? From Webster:

Function: noun Date: 1795

: the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion

Main Entry: ter·ror Pronunciation: \ˈter-ər, ˈte-rər\ Function: noun

Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French terrour, from Latin terror, from terrēre to frighten; akin to Greek trein to be afraid, flee, tremein to tremble — more at tremble

Date: 14th century

1: a state of intense fear2 a: one that inspires fear : scourge b: a frightening aspect <the terrors of invasion> c: a cause of anxiety : worry d: an appalling person or thing; especially : brat3: reign of terror4: violent or destructive acts (as bombing) committed by groups in order to intimidate a population or government into granting their demands <insurrection and revolutionary terror>

synonyms see fear

As far as I can tell, this shit that the leftards are doing and have done is terrorism in its classical sense.

Liberty Zone

Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler

Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler

In other news.

Victor Davis Hansen talks about that dinosaur NATO. Almost as useless as the UN, in my opinion.

Farewell to NATO

When I was growing up in the 1960s, we had a majestic Santa Rosa plum orchard on my family’s farm. The trees were 40 years old and had grown to over 20 feet high. My grandfather would proudly recall how its once-bumper crops of big, sweet plums had helped him survive the Depression and a postwar fall in agricultural prices.

But by the 1960s, the towering, verdant trees were more a park than a profitable orchard. The aged limbs had grown almost too high to pick, the fruit there too few and too small to pack profitably. Yet my grandfather simply could not bring himself to bulldoze the money-losing, unproductive old orchard.