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…be back later.

I ain’t happy with the GOP either. You knuckleheads are more left than I care to see. The Republican Party is in sore need of fixing. The message isn’t there, the deeds aren’t there, the main principles that the Republican Party has been known for since Lincoln, aren’t there.

Less government, more freedom, and free market principles.Moderate Republicans need not apply.

Less government. More Freedom. Yeah, I know I am Libertarian at heart, but I gotta hang my hat somewhere.

You want my support? Earn it.

Hey, GOP… Where’s the plan?

After two successive election blowouts, the Grand Old Party — my party — sits in the minority. Republicans have held meetings and conference calls trying to figure out what went wrong and where to go from here. Hint… after such election beatings, there’s pretty much nowhere to go but up. However, how do we get there?

What I’ve been seeing so far has not filled me with confidence that the Republican Party has 1) gotten the message of the recent election losses, and 2) understands what to do next. Yes, there are some good signs that conservatives still have principles, such as when every Republican member of the U.S. House stood united against the outrageous, budget-busting, massive government intervention known as the stimulus bill. But, there has to be more to Republican recovery than just opposition. Americans want action. So… what’s the plan?