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Impeach the SCOAMF. The shit this man has done makes Watergate look like child’s play.

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It’s time to impeach Obama. The lawlessness of this administration must come to an end. Impeach, or vote this bastard out of office. Either way, I’m good with it. I prefer impeachment though. That sends a message to the other shit-heel liberals that they are not above the law.

9 of 10 in poll: Time for impeachment

Biggest response would link removal to eligibility dispute

An unscientific poll today revealed that nearly 9 in 10 respondents say it’s time now to move on impeachment proceedings for Barack Obama.

The WND poll revealed that of nearly 10,000 votes by this evening, only handsful picked negative responses to the question, “Is it a smart idea to pursue impeachment of Obama now?”

The biggest individual number, 28 percent, would link the action now to the dispute over his eligibility, and questions whether he is qualified to hold the office of president. That segment, numbering nearly 2,600 votes, said, “Yes, if not for his military use, then for his other high crimes, such as not being eligible, his phony birth certificate, and fake Social Security number.”

Other categories with “yes” answers totaled another 60-some percent. Included were “Yes” at nearly 15 percent, “Yes, it’s’ way past time,” at 13 percent, “Yes, or else America is done for” at 11 percent, “Yes, but only if concrete, beyond-a-reasonable-doubt evidence is assured” at 9 percent, “Yes, it will at least publicize to Americans his crimes before the election” at nearly 7 percent, “Yes, it’s a good idea to at least lay the groundwork for whatever his next offense is” at nearly 4 percent.

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