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…due to gay marriage stance.

Looks like there’s trouble brewing on the home front. I figured that this would bite Obama in the ass with the evangelical blacks.

One can hope it really hurts his campaign, but in the end, I think that he’ll have at least 85% of the black vote, regardless. I guess we’ll see.

Black pastors group launches anti-Obama campaign around gay marriage

Posted by CNN’s Dan Merica

Washington (CNN) – A group of conservative black pastors are responding to President Barack Obama’s support of same-sex marriage with what they say will be a national campaign aimed at rallying black Americans to rethink their overwhelming support of the President, though the group’s leader is offering few specifics about the effort.

The Rev. Williams Owens, who is president and founder of the Coalition of African-Americans Pastors and the leader of the campaign, has highlighted opposition to same-sex marriage among African-Americans. He calls this campaign “an effort to save the family.”

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…is today!

Go support your local Chik-Fil-A if there’s one near you. Show the militant and intolerant homos and Democrats, but I repeat myself, that their shit doesn’t fly anymore.

Chick-Fil-A Supporters To Turn Out For ‘Appreciation Day’

CHICAGO (CBS) — The culture clash over Chick-Fil-A could come to a head on Wednesday, with supporters in Chicago and around the country turning out for an “appreciation day” first proposed by former Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee.

Nationwide as of Wednesday morning, about 582,000 people planned to go to a Chick-Fil-A location and order something for Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day.

Meanwhile, Republicans in Chicago say they will also file a formal complaint at City Hall against Ald. Proco “Joe” Moreno (1st), who wants to block the restaurant from moving into his ward because of the company’s position on gay marriage and gay rights.

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…with gay marriage now a reality in some states, I guess the military is now going that route. Thanks Obama, moron. I figured the Navy would beat them to the punch bowl, but the Navy probably was already doing this prior to the lifting of “Don’t ask, don’t tell.”

You know the Navy’s motto “Gay, Gray, and Under-way!”

Just kidding Navy. Just a little Service rivalry bashing, that’s all.

It’s Slate, so fair warning.

The Wedding

Will and Erwynn met at church and fell in love. But they had a big problem—“don’t ask, don’t tell.” The unlikely story of the first gay military union.

Go get ‘em girl! I hope she has a case and cleans their clocks. I’m sure the homo mafia are all a twitter…

Carrie Prejean Takes Legal Action Against Miss California USA Officials
by Big Hollywood

RANCHO SANTA FE, CA – Carrie Prejean’s attorney, Charles S. LiMandri announced today that the former Miss California USA is filing a complaint in the Superior Court of California against Miss California USA officials Keith Lewis and Shanna Moakler, and publicist Roger Neal.  The complaint cites damages to Miss Prejean including libel, public disclosure of private facts, religious discrimination, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and negligent infliction of emotional distress.


Despite Dick Cheney’s switch to the dark side of gay marriage, the GOP needs to stand strong on that issue. The majority of America supports marriage between a man and a woman, including this jacked up state. Our vote proved that. And before you say it, I am not homophobic. My step brother is a homo and I find him interesting, disturbed, but interesting and treat him with respect. I call him “bro” just like I do my real brother. He doesn’t try to push his sexual proclivities at me, or my family, which works for me. What he does with his life is his choice, as is what I do, but I am not trying to force you to change. The homo mafia is trying to force America to change to something that it doesn’t want.

Marriage defined in any other way results in a huge problem in the society that adopts the practice. Look at Europe. It is dying a slow and ugly death. The birth rate is too low to repopulate their countries, so they import Muslims at their own peril. I know that’s a side track, but it is a fact.

Supporting the nuclear family of a father and mother raising their children is the very foundation of society. Whether you believe in the Bible, or not, it is a fact that marriage and reproduction is the key to human survival. It is also the key to keeping society on path that is moral and not deviant by nature. Like it or not, homosexuality is deviant behavior. It is in no way normal. Letting the homo mafia dictate their agenda to the rest of America and sitting by idly, is a recipe for disaster. Stand up to them and let them know that it is deviant behavior and that our children are more important than their wants.

Restoring America’s Marriages
by Harry R. Jackson, Jr.

Last week marked a nadir in the battle for biblical marriage. Two huge events occurred. First, former VP Dick Cheney voiced his support for same-sex marriage. Second, New Hampshire became the sixth state in the Union to legalize gay marriage. Despite these two events, nationalizing same-sex marriage is absolutely not inevitable. Gay marriage proponents are only too aware that the recent California Supreme Court ruling that the 2008 Proposition 8 victory will stand guarantees that a fresh round of marriage amendments, initiatives, and referendums will undoubtedly be levied in the states that have scored temporary victories for same-sex marriage.


2 men, teen charged in gang rape of lesbian

MARTINEZ, California —  Two men and a teenager were charged Tuesday in the alleged gang rape of a lesbian in the San Francisco Bay area.

I am wondering why her sexual persuasion is even mentioned. In my opinion it is not the issue that should be addressed. The issue that should be addressed solely is the fact that this woman was gang raped by some very sorry individuals. I am also curious of their immigration status, that could play a part in this as well.

Humberto Hernandez Salvador, 31, and Josue Gonzalez, 21, were charged with kidnapping, carjacking and gang rape in the attack last month in Richmond.

Hate-crime enhancements were added to charges against Salvador, which could mean a more severe sentence if he is convicted. Authorities say the woman was taunted for being a lesbian during the 45-minute assault. Salvador was also charged with being armed with a gun.

The pair did not enter pleas when they appeared in Contra Costa County Superior Court, but they asked to be represented by court-appointed attorneys. Bail was set at $2.2 million for Salvador and $1.9 million for Gonzalez. Both were being held at the county jail.

They face a maximum sentence of life in prison if found guilty, prosecutors said.

And they should receive said sentence if convicted. Taunting a woman by calling her a lesbian doesn’t sit well with me as a “hate crime” enhancement. That is an all too common thing to say to a woman by jerks anyway. Regardless of sexual orientation. “Hate crime” is ridiculous in and of itself. Any crime that is committed that entails violence such as this is a crime of hate. Your skin color, or sexual orientation doesn’t have shit to do with it.

Darrell Hodges, 16, was charged as an adult with similar offenses Monday. A 15-year-old boy whose name has not been released was also arrested last week on suspicion of participating in the attack.

The woman, who lives with a female partner, was attacked Dec. 13 after she got out of her car, according to investigators. She was raped multiple times inside and outside the vehicle and left naked outside an abandoned building, police said.

Just the facts as it should be. Teenagers that are involved in crimes such as this should be charged as adults and have to pay the same penalty if found guilty.

Richmond police say they have received hundreds of calls from across America offering money and support for the woman.

“The crimes that were committed at face value were shocking,” Lt. Mark Gagan said. “But when it was revealed there was also a hate crime enhancement, it really prompted outcry.”

Where is the outcry when this happens to a woman that is not a lesbian? Just some plain Jane white woman gets gang raped, is there an outcry? Never heard of one.

Richmond is a city of about 100,000 across the bay from San Francisco. It has one of California’s highest homicide rates.

Time to arm the citizens. In fact, “shall issue” should be the state’s mantra instead of “may issue” concealed carry firearms. Allow the citizens to defend themselves and the homicide rate would be one of the lowest in the country, instead of the highest.

Gay rights advocates and bloggers have highlighted the attack as an example of violence against gays and lesbians. Supporters have also been working to raise money for the woman, her partner and her daughter as they deal with the trauma of the attack.

“The idea that a peace-loving lesbian was minding her own business, was attacked and gang-raped is an outrage. And people are stepping forward,” said Betty Sullivan of San Francisco, who runs a Web site and e-mail list publicizing gay and lesbian events.

Sullivan is publicizing several fundraisers for the woman, known among her supporters as Richmond Jane Doe. Support is driven not just by anger but by a sense among gays and lesbians that they, too, could have been targets, she said.

“We know it could have been any of us,” Sullivan said.

Wow! A peace loving lesbian! Give me a fucking break. This isn’t about violence against gays and lesbians. This is about violence in a city that is known for its violence and has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that this woman is a lesbian. The odds of a lesbian being raped in the San Fran freako area is rather high, and since Richmond is right there, it makes sense to me that it was a lesbian. To the attackers, she was just another victim. Her sexual orientation to the attackers was female, alone and in a bad area. Didn’t have shit to do with her sexual preferences.
To me, this is just the media and the gay lobby trying to bring sympathy for their lifestyle and to portray them as the never ending victim of hate.

I feel sorry for this woman for what she went through. I hope justice prevails in this. Don’t cast this as a hate crime because of your sexual preferences. It was already a hate crime without the lesbian tag. Idiots.

More on Prop 8

Posted: 16 Nov 2008 in Politics
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The homosexual activists that lost the election on November 4th, are trying to overturn the electorate buy using the courts. Legislating from the court is what the founding fathers warned about from the start. Now we have the extreme left homosexual lobby and organizations such as the NAACP supporting the homosexual lobby.

What is extremely interesting about this, is that 70%, that’s 7 in 10 blacks voted in favor of proposition 8. Yep, the same 90% of blacks that voted for Obama, voted for prop 8 with 70%. The liberal lunatics should have thought about that one when they “Got out the vote”. Yet their so-called civil rights organization doesn’t want to abide by the election results due to their extreme view of things. Black people everywhere should let this organization know that they are not happy with this stance.

The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, the Mexican-American Legal Defense Fund, the Asian Pacific American Legal Center and two other groups petitioned the state Supreme Court to prevent the change from taking effect.

Here we have three organizations that say they represent their particular races, yet all three race categories overwhelmingly voted for prop 8. That should really speak volumes to the people that they supposedly represent.

Here’s a couple articles:

Homosexual activists accused of ‘domestic terrorism’

The Mormon church on Friday blamed opponents of California’s homosexual marriage ban for sending hoax mailings containing white powder to temples, while a group that also supported the measure condemned “acts of domestic terrorism against our supporters.”

Calif. homosexuals try to ‘gut democratic process’

Attorneys are getting set to square off before the California Supreme Court to protect traditional marriage. Voters decided earlier this month to overturn the state high court’s legalization of homosexual “marriage,” but activists have filed suit to overturn the outcome. Glen Lavy, an attorney with the Alliance Defense Fund, comments on the situation.

Elderly Prop. 8 supporter roughed up, filing charges

An elderly California woman will file charges against homosexuals who attacked her during a protest against the passage of Proposition 8.

If the court that overturned the original vote in favor of marriage as a man and a woman, then the electoral process in this state is dead. We will no longer be living in a democratic state.

I for one, will find out what organizations and companies support the homosexual agenda and boycott their products and call on all prop 8 supporters to do the same. There are a hell of a lot more of us than there are of them.

Where the hell are the supposed leaders of California on this issue, Schwartzenegger, Feinstein, and the rest of the morons that call themselves leaders in this state?

An election was held. The people of California voted. They passed this proposition and it should have ended right there. But the homosexual extremists decide that it isn’t “fair” because the vote didn’t go their way. Too bad assholes. You lost. Shut the hell up. You already had the same rights with your same sex partnership unions.

And not a word from the morons on high. They were vocal in their opposition, but when the voters spoke, they shut their mouths. If this had gone the other way, I guarantee that there would have been a response from the governor and the idiot that we have to call senator. In fact, I bet there would have been arrests at the mere mention of our displeasure, had it gone in the homo’s favor.

You assholes that call yourselves leaders in this state should be ashamed and fired. You fuckwits work for the 52.5% that voted in favor of this proposition, it’s high time you acted like it.

Religious Leaders and the Protect Marriage Coalition Leadership Unite Against Vicious Attacks by Prop 8 Opponents

SANTA ANA, Calif., Nov. 14 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Today, leaders representing the broad coalition of Californians who supported Proposition 8 called on leaders of the No on Proposition 8 campaign, in addition to Senator Diane Feinstein and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, to denounce the attacks against citizens who supported the constitutional amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman.

“Amidst all this lawlessness, harassment, trampling of civil rights and now domestic terrorism, one thing stands out: the deafening silence of our elected officials. Not a single elected leader has spoken out against what is happening. Where is Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger while churches are being attacked? And where is Senator Dianne Feinstein while people are losing their jobs and grandmothers are being bullied by an angry mob?” said Campaign Co-Manager Frank Schubert.

The statement was made at the first press conference of the Protect Marriage coalition since election night when Proposition 8 was passed by California voters with 52.5% of the vote. In the past ten days, hostility has increased against people whose only offense was to exercise their right to participate in the political process.