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And to spite the unemployed in their state. This is just a reminder of what public sector unions are really about. They don’t care that this has the potential to get upwards of 2000 people working (union), just that Scott Walker doesn’t look good through job creation.

And this quote is killer:

Prior to their endorsement of former Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk to run against Walker in the recall election, the unions extracted a pledge that she would veto any state budget that did not restore any and all of their pre-Walker privileges regardless of the consequences to the state, its citizens, and its business interests.

And you wonder why PSUs are not popular? It’s not hard to see through this. The Democrats once again prove that they are NOT for the people, just their cronies and the unions.

On March 6, every Democrat in the Wisconsin State Senate, and one Republican, voted down a bill that could have streamlined the permit process and permitted the development of an iron mine in a depressed area of northern Wisconsin. The mine would have initially employed 600 to 700 workers (eventually as many as 2,200) and injected at least 1.5 billion dollars into the local economy. Additionally, it would have proven a boon to Joy Manufacturing and Falk Corp., two major manufacturers of mining equipment located in Milwaukee.

Following the vote, Gogebic Taconite, the proposed developer, announced that they were abandoning efforts in Wisconsin. Their comments: “Senate rejection of the mining reforms in Assembly Bill 426 sends a clear message that Wisconsin will not welcome iron mining. We get the message. GTac is ending plans to invest in a Wisconsin mine.”

Comments by Democrat Senators and by Dale Schultz, the lone Republican who voted against the Bill, included the citation of environmental concerns. The statements were flatly rejected by Cathy Stepp, secretary of Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources, who stated that her agency would have been able to permit an iron mine in northern Wisconsin without harming the environment and blasted opponents of the permitting bill for “fear-mongering” (Wisconsin State Journal, March 9, 2012). She referenced the fact that the Army Corps of Engineers and the EPA had been involved from the first and that their continued monitoring would ensure safety in the water supply and the environment generally.

via Articles: Democrats Kill Wisconsin Jobs to Spite Governor Scott Walker.