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Kitchen babe.

If he doesn’t have a boner, feed him.

Make me a samich.

Fuck off.

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In keeping with the anti-feminazi theme for the week, I present you this little nugget. A two part series on The Rules. 

Bros Before Hos: Part I

Bros Before Hos: The Rules

At the start of a new relationship, you may find yourself consumed by your new flame. All your time is spent with her and your calendar is booked weeks in advance with your shared plans.

The losers in this blissful situation are your friends — the ones who were there when you were single. It’s easy to find the guys being pushed out of your plans as you embark on a new and exciting relationship, but it’s also wrong.

You need your friends — you always have and you always will. That’s why our Bros Before Hos Rulebook will guide you through the tricky process of balancing your girl and your guys. Here are the rules to live by.

via Bros Before Hos: Part I – AskMen.


Bros Before Hos – Part II

One of the biggest challenges in relationships isn’t keeping the girl, it’s how to keep your friends and the girl. A sad truth of dating is that once you’ve succeeded in getting her, you lose time with your friends. You can easily find yourself under pressure to focus your energy on your partner and the blossoming relationship.

Needless to say, you need a good balance of both in your life. Spending the rest of your days without women would be unthinkable, but so would going without your bros.

Yep. I’m doing my part to piss off the feminazis until Mother’s Day. I think Mother’s Day probably pisses off the feminazis the most.

It’s offend a feminist week!
Anything I can do to piss off a feminazi is all right with me!

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Offend A Feminist: 08 May 2012 A.D

The Camp Of The Saints

Today is the Fourth Anniversary of these Dispatches, but the official celebration will not begin until a week hence.

As has become the tradition, the gang here at TCOTS celebrates the occasion with our annual Six Days Of Cheesecake, which is loved and admired by all.

The delay in the celebration is necessitated by a desire to avoid a conflict with Stacy McCain’s annual National Offend A Feminist Week, which he has proclaimed for the next seven glorious days [please see here for details] and which I will be fully participating in with that great gusto you’ve come to expect from your Humble Dispatcher.

Next Monday, I will deliver my annual State Of The Camp Of The Saints Address [or, in the case of Rule 5, 'Undress'] and the festivities will officially begin.

For now, I ask you to check-in frequently over at Stacy’s abode where he will…

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I enjoy reading Lloyd Marcus. He has some really good incite, especially on the issue of race and the race card. This one goes to a topic that really gets my drawers in a bunch; feminism. I hate it. I think it is the worst thing to happen to America, prior to the Democrats taking over two of the three branches of government.

Feminism has ruined boys in America. They’re becoming metro-sexual or outright homos after being indoctrinated by the feminists in the school system. That shit pisses me off to no end. Half the boys in the school system are drugged just for being boys.

When I was a kid, I fought, a lot. When we were caught throwing punches by the teachers, generally we would be separated, and then have our asses parked on a bench for the rest of recess, or lunch. That would usually be the end of it. Today, a boy even looks like he’s gonna throw a punch and he gets suspended, or expelled. No tolerance rears its ugly head here, but that’s a different issue.

Boys can’t let off the steam they need to let off by fighting, or competing the way they were meant to do. Thanks to the bitches of feminism. Yep, that’s right, I called you a bitch. You’re probably butt ugly too.

Radical feminism’s attack on manhood in America
Lloyd Marcus

Over the years, radical feminism has been attempting to demonize any display of testosterone. The slightest aggressive behavior is taken to the ultimate extreme portraying males as abusers. Their goal clearly is to wimpify maleness.

When I was serving on the board of our local YMCA, a national touring team of Christian strong men/bodybuilders wanted to make a presentation to our youths. Through various exciting well-choreographed displays of strength (chopping through cinder blocks with their bare hands and etc.) the ministers taught kids Christian values and principles. Our female chairperson of the board rejected their proposal. She said their display struck her as promoting violence. I thought, “Give me a break”. Since when did any hint of maleness become a bad thing?