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I really get pissed off when I see this shit. I see it all the time. A lot of the shows on TV have that theme in them. Some veteran loses his mind and kills innocent civilians.

The media spins the story that it’s a crazy combat veteran that has done something to society in general, even when they are wrong, and then don’t correct the story, which now makes their story a lie.

Yet, the incidents of crime committed by veterans is statistically insignificant in comparison with the general population.

Here’s a good article discussing this from War On Terror News

What to do about those “Crazed Combat Vets?”

In the first quarter of 2012, the media has publicized an Iraq Veteran killing a Park Ranger in Washington, an Orange County Deputy killing a Marine, an Army Private being stabbed to death by Meth Heads in Washington, and a Staff Sergeant that allegedly killed 16 Afghans in their sleep, along with so many other stories of Violent Veterans. The media is quick to tell us that these are Combat Veterans, but often fail to tell us when the person was tossed out of the military, like in that first case listed, or correct the story when they weren’t in Combat at all, or weren’t in the military as they had claimed.

In 2008, the NYTimes was on the same hunt, to prove that “Crazed” Combat Veterans were slaughtering American Civilians. They wrote about 121 cases in which someone died. The problem was that in many of those the Veteran was found to be innocent or to have acted in self-defense, while in others the trial had not occurred, and in many it was not murder at all. In those latter cases, it was often a car accident, that helped to boost their body count. When it was all said and done, the numbers demonstrated it was safer to be near a Combat Veteran than to be in the safest big city in America.

But “one is too many.”

One case of domestic violence, one murder, or one suicide is “too many.” Yeah, that sounds good, but short of locking every American up in solitary confinement, there is NO program that can end all violence in this Nation, any subsection of it, or in any other country.

via What to do about those “Crazed Combat Vets?” – War On Terror News.