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…Forefather of Our Conservatism.

Another great read from

Calvin Coolidge: Forefather of Our Conservatism
By Joseph Postell, Ph.D.

Calvin Coolidge is the only President in American history born on the Fourth of July. It is appropriate that he bears this distinction, since Coolidge—more so than any other President of the 20th century—embodied a dedication to the principles that the Founders fought to establish in the American Revolution. In addition, he lived at a time when these principles came under radical assault, and Coolidge, a fierce critic of Progressivism, offered one of the greatest defense of these principles. He is an intellectual and political forefather of modern American conservatism.

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This comes from Rep. Allen West:

During the question and answer portion of President Obama’s NATO summit press conference today he made an interesting statement. He alluded to the fact that the Presidential election will be about who will ensure success for Americans from top to bottom, that everyone has a fair shot. It is clear that Obama is redefining the words of Thomas Jefferson who articulated that our unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness come from our Creator, not man, nor government. Benjamin Franklin stated that it is the pursuit of happiness and it is incumbent upon the American individual to make that chase and catch it. America is about individual sovereignty to pursue their happiness. It is not about government driven collective subjugation in an attempt to guarantee happiness. Sorry President Obama, we will not allow you to redefine America, nor the American Dream!

Alan West absolutely kills these idiots in the media. I love this guy!

Allen West Republic

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She’s running for Gabriel Giffords’ seat. I hope she gets it. Arizona needs a good conservative and they’d get a military pioneer in the process. She’s pro-Second Amendment, wants to secure the border, reduce the debt, believes in states’ rights, and places a high priority on national defense.

Female Military Pioneer Running for Congress
By Elise Cooper

Colonel Martha McSally, a Republican candidate running for Gabby Giffords’ former congressional seat, has an interesting and highly decorated past. In January 1995, she became the first woman in U.S. history to fly a combat aircraft into enemy territory when she flew her initial mission into Iraq to help enforce the United Nations’ “no-fly zone.” She was part of the team that helped plan and execute the U.S. air operations over Afghanistan shortly after 9/11.

In July 2004, McSally took command of the 354th Fighter Squadron, becoming the first woman in U.S. history to command a combat aviation unit. While defending her country she has received numerous honors, including being recognized by the University of Arizona and “Women Who Lead,” in addition to receiving the Tucson YWCA Women on the Move Award and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Center on Women in Policing. American Thinker interviewed her about her fascinating career and why she decided to run for the seat previously held by Congresswoman Giffords.

Her no-nonsense attitude came across loud and clear while she described her uphill battle with the Pentagon. In 1995, McSally became aware of the U.S. military policy requiring U.S. servicewomen stationed in Saudi Arabia to wear the Muslim garment called an abaya, a black head-to-toe robe that signifies women’s subordination to men. They had to wear it over their uniform while on duty as well as off duty. In 2000, it became personal when McSally was deployed to Saudi Arabia and was told that either she must submit to it or be charged with insubordination.

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If you will, to my previous post on MO.

This is what America needs, more women that see the truth behind the liberal lies…

There will be an election for many state offices in California June 8, 2010.

I met one of the candidates for Sheriff, Paul Schrader. He was a down to earth fellow, he was with his wife and seemed like a pretty squared away dude.

He mentioned that our current sheriff was appointed, not elected and that our county doesn’t even have a K-9 unit. We are the largest county in America, and have no K-9 unit! I was like WTF? He said that we have to borrow them from elsewhere.

He served in the USMC for four years and then 27 years in law enforcement.

He told me that he would hire more former military to fill the ranks, because there is a big difference between them and someone that has never served.

After he left, I thought about the CCW issue, and kicked myself for not asking the question.

But, fear not, his website states the following:

Carrying a Concealed Weapon CCW

California is a “May Issue” state; the decision to grant a CCW (Carry a Concealed Weapon) Permit being granted (or refused) at the discretion of the County Sheriff or Police Chief. Some sheriffs/chiefs issue on a reasonable basis, others can be next to impossible to persuade.

I will break down the walls to a CCW permit in San Bernardino County. If you meet the qualifications, you will not be denied a CCW. I will order an audit of this system and take politics out of receiving a CCW.

I am a strong NRA supporter.

That alone gets my vote!

He states that he is a fiscal conservative and that is also necessary in these tough times.

Vote for Paul Schrader!

Check out his website: Paul Shrader for San Bernardino Sheriff

Don’t vote for some idiot, just because he’s a Republican claiming Tea Party ties. Make sure that they are actually Conservative and not playing the part as a RINO.

Make would-be Tea Party leaders prove they support Second Amendment
By David Codrea

We talked yesterday about a new national “conservative” group founded by the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, and I raised concerns about automatically aligning the liberty movement with prominent members of the Republican Party establishment. After all, if the GOP as a whole had been championing republican, that is, Constitutional values all along, we’d hardly need a “Tea Party” movement, would we?

That the establishment worries the growing freedom movement may siphon off votes to deny them power is evident—no less a leadership luminary than former MA governor/GOP presidential nomination contender Mitt Romney is out there telling those enraged by betrayal that whatever you do, don’t vote third party. Romney, who signed a ban on semiautomatic firearms while governor, would rather have us support someone like, say, semiautomatic firearm ban bill author Mark Kirk, than jump ship.

You need to listen to this. There is nothing else I can add. Just listen to it all.

It is time for McCain to step down. Retire. Enjoy the golden years.  Leave politics to the sane.

His constant ass kissing of the left over the years has gotten worse as time has moved on.

The McCain-Feingold BS should be the end of it.

Get the hell out of the way so that true conservatives can finally help push America back to the right, where it belongs.

McCain Should Retire
By Claude Sandroff

John McCain clings to more liberal positions than almost any other Republican in Congress. Whether encouraging economic suicide by standing against drilling in Alaska, putting the nation’s security at risk by equating waterboarding with torture, demanding the shuttering of Guantanamo, joining hands with Ted Kennedy to open the floodgates of amnesty to illegal immigrants, nothing seems to satisfy his vanity more than hearing compliments from the leftist press after crossing over to the other side of the aisle.

Now that the Supreme Court has declared much of his crown legislative jewel — the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act (McCain-Feingold) — to be unconstitutional, perhaps it’s finally time for John McCain to go back to Arizona while preserving the luster from his honorable national service.  The court’s firm rejection of key funding provisions in McCain-Feingold reveals the philosophical dead-end that bipartisanship for its own sake often produces.  In the end, a bill that purports to average out the demands of the extreme left with those from the other side of the aisle produces nothing but a garbled, unconstitutional mess. By announcing he will not run for re-election, McCain would allow a new conservative vanguard led by tea party patriots to advance in all its principled fury.


Here’s an excellent analysis from Mary Katherine Ham:

Press Takes a New Look at Tea Parties After Brown Win
BY Mary Katharine Ham

Now that voter discontent has appeared in the bluest of blue states, and it’s focused on the president’s handling of terror, taxes, and health care, it’s become much harder to marginalize Tea Party activists and other critics of the administration as:

“extremist mobs” by the Democratic National Committee, pawns of the insurance industry by Senator Dick Durbin, “un-American” by Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer, “brownshirts” by Representative Brian Baird of Washington, “manufactured” and “Astroturf” by White House press secretary Robert Gibbs, “evilmongers” by Senator Harry Reid, accused of “fear-mongering” by the president, and been deemed “political terrorists” by Representative Baron Hill of Indiana.

It was always wishful thinking to believe that town hall protesters were a tiny segment of the country— all sound and fury signifying nothing. Even when it was a smaller group, their concerns were legitimate. It was disrespectful and dumb of Democrats to smear people giving voice to their worries, evincing the exact arrogance that turned voters in Massachusetts away from Martha Coakley.