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…and maybe I should start something new around here. Cheerbabes Saturday.
How about NCAA football cheerleaders?
I like football, but cheerleaders, cheer me up. 😀
At any rate, lets look at a few games for today.
Let’s look at USC at UCLA:

Now let’s look at Iowa at Michigan:

Next we have Northwestern at Michigan St:

And finally Arkansas at Mississippi St:

…means cheerleaders! Here’s the games that I watched.
First up it’s VA vs. TCU.
TCU  handled VA without too much problems.
Here’s some TCU cheer babes:


And here’s Virginia:


Just kidding.
Here’s the real thing:


Another game I’m eyeballing is WV at MD.

Here’s MD:


And here’s WV:

Oregon State at UCLA:

Here’s Oregon State aptly named Beavers:


And here’s UCLA:

I’ll do another if I get the chance.