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Obama Versus Bush on Spending
Very little is safe for Democrats this fall.

‘If Massachusetts puts Brown in, it’s a message of ‘that’s enough.’ Let’s stop the giveaways and let’s get jobs going.”

Marlene Connolly is a 73-year-old Massachusetts Democrat who cast her first vote for a Republican in supporting Scott Brown. Her quote and story comes to us via the New York Times, but she stands out for this reason: She shows us that those who actually cast ballots in the Bay State did so because they are frustrated with the administration’s unrestrained federal spending and failed economic recovery policies.

And here’s what Washington needs to keep in mind as it debates the meaning of Massachusetts. Ramming health care through now won’t insulate Democrats from voter ire in November. It will feed a fire over spending that is already blistering them.


GM is doomed. Thanks Bush and Obama. Letting the company fall on its ass when it was able to file bankruptcy and reorganize into a viable company was probably the way to go. This current fiasco has pretty much gutted America’s auto industry. Supporting the buyout of GM and CAFE is the nail in the coffin for GM.

So much for supporting America.

An Omen in the Cash for Clunkers Results
Daniel Ikenson

Chris Edwards is right. Tad DeHaven is right. Cash for Clunkers was a shell game and an utter waste of taxpayer money. But C4C offers another teachable lesson, which is that the 35.5 mile per gallon by 2016 fuel efficiency standard will kill General Motors.

In just the latest example of government policies working at cross-purposes, the president buys a 60 percent stake in GM at a cost to taxpayers of $50 billion (conservatively), and simultaneously supports a mandate—in the rigid CAFE standard—that will severely handicap GM, while assisting the competition.



Failures Mount on Cash for Clunkers

It didn’t take a Ph.D. in economics to recognize that the federal “Cash for Clunkers” program would put upward pressure on used-car prices. In nominating it “the dumbest program ever” back in August, Chris Edwards noted that “low-income families, who tend to buy used cars, were harmed because the clunkers program will push up used car prices.”


“I’ve abandoned free-market principles to save the free-market system,” [President George] Bush told CNN television, saying he had made the decision “to make sure the economy doesn’t collapse.”

How in the fuck can you fix something by abandoning it? Absolutely moronic. I have lost all respect for Mr. Bush. This was the last straw. I knew he was socialist lite, but didn’t expect this.

Free-market principles are what made this country as strong and vibrant as it is. Let the free-market work. Things always sort themselves out.