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I’ve harped on AARP before and suggested alternatives to them. AMAC is a good choice for an alternative. I’m not 50 yet, but close enough to pay attention.

The many faces of AARP

By Theodore Dawes

My wife just turned 50, so she recently experienced that least favorite American rite of passage: the arrival of the dreaded solicitation letter from AARP.

I’m pleased to say that she took advantage of this opportunity to do precisely as I have done for the past eight years: she immediately and with malice aforethought dropped the solicitation in the trash.

Not that she was offended by the reminder of her advanced age; rather, because she holds AARP in contempt.

So do I.

Two quick questions, dear reader: 1) Do you belong to AARP? 2) Which AARP do you belong to?

If you’re confused by the second question your confusion is, in AARP’s eyes, a marketing triumph.

You are likely thinking, “Which AARP? Why, I belong to the American Association of Retired Persons. I belong to that AARP.”

Surprise. There is no such thing as the American Association of Retired Persons. The non-profit organization that was founded in 1956 to help older folks was renamed some years ago. It’s now called AARP and it exists as three separate organizations. (Actually four, but for our purposes let’s ignore the international branch. This is confusing enough.)

via Articles: The many faces of AARP.

Hot Air has a post up about this.

I’ve bitched about AARP for years. Their a bunch of sorry assed liberal asshats that are out to steal as much money from the American elderly as they possibly can.

Their lobbying efforts are all focused on the liberal agenda of Obamacare because it removes the Medicare Advantage plan which plays into the hands of AARP.

They supported this scheme of Obama and the Democretins because if it stands, seniors will be forced to go back and buy the supplemental insurance from AARP.


This is from Hot Air:

Greg Hengler at Townhall puts together this stylized, noir-detective look at the “mystery” of AARP’s political support for ObamaCare.  Call it The Mystery of the Senior Swindle if you will, or How To Make A Billion Dollars Without Really Trying. All you need to do is get Congress to create a market for you by swinging a lobbying hammer around Washington DC, and let the Democrats do your dirty work for you: