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…exists in America.

You can thank Congress and Obama for taking away your freedom of speech and Obama signed this in secrecy.
It is time to rise up people. Why is the MSM not reporting on this?

They are taking away our rights one by one and then when they are all gone then what?
Are you going to be a sheep and go along with this shit?

It is time to fight back against the slow creeping destruction of our basic liberties.
Freedom is in the balance.

Go watch this video. Good stuff here.

Ex-Secret Service Agent Gives Powerful ‘Gun Control’ Speech

This is a must watch and must share video (if you agree with his message). Ex Secret Service Agent gives a powerful ‘gun control’ speech. Agent Dan Bongino @ Guns Across America Rally in Annapolis, MD. “We live in a society of wolves. You do not fight back by creating more sheep!”

via Ex-Secret Service Agent Gives Powerful ‘Gun Control’ Speech – Please Share This Viral Video If You Agree With Him | Survival.

And now we have more Federal law enforcement agencies involved in prostitution. Way to go morons.

I’m sure this is probably not as wide spread as some want to make it out to be, but as they said countless times in the Army, you represent America. Your actions affect how the world looks at America. One idiot can be dealt with, but when you’ve got a bunch of morons in one fell swoop, it really gives America a black eye.

Clean up your act douche bags.

Colombia Secret Service Prostitution Scandal Spreads to the DEA


A month after the Secret Service was rocked by allegations that agents brought prostitutes to a Colombia hotel where they were preparing for a visit by President Obama, the Drug Enforcement Administration today announced that at least three of its agents are also under investigation for allegedly hiring prostitutes in Cartagena.

Two of the agents allegedly had encounters with masseuses in the apartment of one of the agents, according to Sen. Susan Collins, the ranking member of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

“It’s disturbing that we may be uncovering a troubling culture that spans more than one law enforcement agency,” the Maine Republican said this evening. “In addition to the Secret Service scandal, we now learn that at least two DEA agents apparently entertained female foreign national masseuses in the Cartagena apartment of one of the agents. The evidence uncovered thus far indicates that this likely was not just a one-time incident.”

via Colombia Secret Service Prostitution Scandal Spreads to the DEA – ABC News.