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Since the SCOTUS is apparently chock full of morons, the Stolen Valor Act was declared unconstitutional on the grounds that it had something to do with “free speech.”

How some asshole that has never served a day, or just felt that he didn’t do enough when he was in, and now needs to pretend he’s a SEAL, SF, Ranger, Marine or whatever constitutes “free speech” is beyond me.

It’s disgusting to think that some asshole is reaping the benefits of something not earned. It’s a slap in the face of EVERY Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Marine, or Coast Guardsman, both living and deceased.

Bad call SCOTUS. Bad call.

Over at This ain’t Hell there this gem of a post, free speech.

Stolen Valor Tournament

This Ain’t Hell has a stolen valor story about some moron that claimed he had been awarded the MoH. Stolen valor is a federal crime and should be punished as such. This douche bag is trying to get the Stolen Valor Act overturned on grounds of free speech. Don’t think that’s going to fly.

Check it out:

Why Stolen Valor doesn’t violate 1st Amendment

Last month I wrote about the Denver Post going squishy on Richard Strandlof’s impending trial for a violation of the Stolen Valor Act. The Post wrote that convicting him would violate his 1st Amendment right to free speech. Well, apparently, there’s some case law that says otherwise.


There’s only one issue I tend to get bent about though, it’s the MoH not the CMH. The name of the award is the Medal of Honor, not the Congressional Medal of Honor. It is awarded in the “name of Congress” which is usually why people call it that. Yeah, it’s nitpicky, but it’s a fact. Call it what it really is.