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Great read.

Earth Day: 22 Ways to Think about the Climate-Change Debate : The Freeman : Foundation for Economic Education

Reasonable people can disagree about the nature and extent of climate change. But no one should sally forth into this hostile territory without reason and reflection.

“Some scientists make ‘period, end of story’ claims,” writes biologist and naturalist Daniel Botkin in the Wall Street Journal, “that human-induced global warming definitely, absolutely either is or isn’t happening.”

These scientists, as well as the network of activists and cronies their science supports, I will refer to as the Climate Orthodoxy. These are the folks who urge, generally, that (a) global warming is occurring, (b) it is almost entirely man-made, and (c) it is occurring at a rate and severity that makes it an impending planetary emergency requiring political action. A Climate Agnostic questions at least one of those premises.

Trying to point out the problems of the Climate Orthodoxy to its adherents is like trying to talk the Archbishop of Canterbury into questioning the existence of God. In that green temple, many climatologists and climate activists have become one in the same: fueled both by government grants and zealous fervor

More: Earth Day: 22 Ways to Think about the Climate-Change Debate : The Freeman : Foundation for Economic Education.

…crying about a minimum wage increase.

First the morons protesting for more money.

And a lesson to the masses.

…that’s right kiddies.

The number of the day is 1.7.
What, pray tell does that number mean?

Well, let me put it this way. That number means America is screwed.

That number by itself is insignificant, so let me throw in another number; 1.

1.7 to 1, to be precise.
That “my friends” is the number of takers vs. makers.
Yes. In that order.

Here’s a break down of the numbers:

86M Full-Time Private-Sector Workers Sustain 148M Benefit Takers

Buried deep on the website of the U.S. Census Bureau is a number every American citizen, and especially those entrusted with public office, should know. It is 86,429,000.

That is the number of Americans who in 2012 got up every morning and went to work — in the private sector — and did it week after week after week.

These are the people who built America, and these are the people who can sustain it as a free country. The liberal media have not made them famous like the polar bear, but they are truly a threatened species.

Go read the rest.

…this is a great video with Megan Kelly and Ben Shapiro talking about the morons at Rolling Stone and their “income inequality” meme that you will not hear the end of until after the election, so let’s get out ahead of the stupid.

Lesbian dance theory? Don’t worry, you’ll get the reference when you watch the video.

… and everyone that reads my blog should know what I think about unions and Democrats. I think they are the scourge of America and unions should be disbanded entirely in the public sector. Private sector I can give a crap.

Democrats suck.

Unions suck.

Goodbye Post Office, Hello Postal Unions
By G. Michael Fielding

If there is one thing conservatives understand, it is that Unions are never satisfied until they get what they want. And when they don’t succeed in their agreement terms with their employers, they will cry threats at everything and anyone except what is really at fault. Recently, the National Association of Letter Carriers Union (NALC) released its new labor contract to its members and posted on its National Bargaining website. One of the statements NALC President Fredric Rolando made was: “This agreement rewards city carriers for these contributions and sets the stage for a major comeback for the Postal Service, provided that Congress does its part to enact real reforms that will allow us to serve the American people and the U.S. economy for decades to come.” Congress does its part to enact real reforms? Could these reforms have anything to do with raising taxes on the American people?

Could it be that the New Agreement included lower wage scales for new career employees as well as the increase of health insurance premiums coupled with no employer matching shares with regard to the Flexible Spending Accounts? Considering the state of the Postal Service and the fact that this once great American institution is now practically broke, why in the world would the NALC want to continue giving support to an administration that keeps stabbing them in the back? Congress certainly is to blame for a lot of things; but rather than focusing on blaming Congressional leaders, the NALC (as well as Unions in general) should take a hard look at the real encompassing cause of the problems with the Postal Service. Surely, the Congress is made primarily of Republicans; but even those Republicans in Congress have no backbone and continuously capitulate to President Obama’s demands.

via Goodbye Post Office, Hello Postal Unions.

…and this is a video released by the Senate Minority Whip.
Obama and the Democrats will destroy small businesses with their stupid policies.
This is what you morons voted for? Thanks a lot assholes.

…we have this little gem of an article that explains what the Obamacare will do for you an me.
Thanks to all the morons that voted for this shit, our medical system will go from being the best in the world to being the worst in one fell swoop.
Great job libtards and to all of you assholes that decided not to vote, you can kiss my entire ass.

This Is Your Life under Obamacare
By James Arlandson

Thanks, Obama voters. You just imposed on the rest of us degraded medical care and rising costs. This is no longer hypothetical or abstract. It’s real. It’s the law.

Here are some of the bad repercussions of your vote:

1. Decline in pay for doctors

Medicare pays doctors only a small fraction of the work they put in. So if she does $100.00 worth of work, Medicare sends him $20.00 or $25.00. Is it any wonder that doctors pad the bill? One of my students who works in a doctor’s office said in class she’s in charge of billing, and it’s “totally true” that Medicare pays doctors only a fraction of what they did.

Another one of my students told us that the doctor she used to work for (she still keeps track of her friends who work in the office) was getting arrested for fraud. He said, “How am I supposed to pay my employees on such little money? How am I supposed to live?”

Have you sat in a doctor’s office recently? Doctors take in patients per hour at an alarming rate, just to pay their own bills. I can hear their muffled voices in the mini-offices nearby. I don’t imagine he spends more than five minutes — and that’s long — with each patient.

Doctors run through patients like cattle at branding time.

If you don’t believe this will happen under Obamacare, you’re naïve. Costs will be rationed (see no. 3, below), and that rationing will include a doctor’s lowered reimbursement for services rendered.

…a little education for you on the free market.

This is an interview that Dennis Prager did with Walter Williams.

Obama doesn’t get this, most liberals don’t. Yeah, I know, racist.

…in the saddle again.

Is America’s freedom at stake? With the election of Obama for a second term, it may very well be.

The loons on the left seem to think that government is the be all, know all, when it comes to their lives. The Rule of Law, along with property rights, gun rights, and the free market itself are in jeopardy now. Socialism is the antithesis of freedom. You cannot have socialism with freedom. It’s impossible. The state runs everything and takes away from those that have to give to those that do not. I fear that with another four years of this, America may not recover from it fully.

Here’s what socialism does to a society:

  • Medical care is universally available but the quality of care declines with each passing year. Ask Britain.
  • Economic decline is inevitable. It’s already on the way down. Are you better off? I’m not.
  • Religious freedom and freedom of speech are suppressed.This is already happening.
  • Groups favored by the government are granted special privileges. Exemptions from Obamacare anyone? Unions and their cronies.
  • Private ownership of firearms is reduced, or eliminated under the guise of combating crime. Assault weapons ban, UN small arms treaty.
  • Personal liberty declines for everyone except politicians and their cronies.

It’s hard to remove socialism once it is the norm. Everyone that gets something from the government teat will continue to vote for it.

I will fight for freedom. It ain’t over yet.

Obama’s Election Seals Our Fate
By Monty Pelerin

The Obama re-election dooms the country. It ensures that his philosophy will be imposed for another four years.

His election ensures the continuing shift away from the Rule of Law, property rights, free men, and free markets. Obama’s vision of how the world works ensures a dire economy until an economic collapse resets everything. The rest of the world, apparently bigger Obama supporters than U.S. voters, will not be immune from the consequences.

The Fundamentals of Progress

Peace and progress are the children of freedom.  The wealth of nations was explained more than two hundred years ago by Adam Smith.  Property rights and markets coordinate behavior in a manner that all are made better off by the pursuit of self-interest.

President Obama’s view of the world is in contradiction to anything that has ever succeeded.  He believes that elites should manage and direct people’s lives.  This fatal conceit, as Friedrich Hayek referred to it, produces failure and misery wherever it is tried.


…some of that Halloween candy.

Another great video from Steven Crowder.