I am a retired US Army Infantryman. I served from 1981 to 2001. I am a veteran of the Gulf War (Desert Storm) with the 1st Infantry Division. 

I have an opinion, which I tend to express here.

I am avid supporter of the Constitution and my liberty.

I took an oath, and I intend to keep it.

I am crude. You’ve been warned.

And I love Asian babes.

Honami Uehara

Nishida Mai

So you might see a few of them floating around in my blog.

  1. Thanks for the link to your blog roll. How did you find out about us?

  2. Ted Anderson says:

    Count me in on this site. You sir are a patriot and I am blessed in finding this site.

    I direct a prolife and conservative news website and will check this site out from time to time.

    Keep up the good work as we attempt to squash the islamo agenda as perpetuated through such groups like ASMA who are hiding under the guise of ‘arts and culture’ to corner the public school system into the kool aid drinking religion of so called peace.

  3. Forbush says:

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  4. Ron Stringer says:

    Good site, retired Air Force 1967-1993 (18 month vaction then returned to service in ’71) 24 years total. My motto is to bury the bastards under their own sands–that way I don’t have to fight them on my streets.

    Only in America can a political party that got 6% more votes than the other consider itself “mandated” to screw up the country.

  5. jerry dodge says:

    Dear 1idvet, my dad was a member of the 1id in wwii from 1940 until the end. he was field commissioned in n. africa after his forward party was shelled by german 88s and he was the only survivor. he called in counterbattery fire and his reward was to become an artillery fo in the 7th FA bn (now called the 1st/7th fa.) I would love to find out more about the 7th fa if you know anything about them. Have you ever visited Cantigny (1st id museum in Illinois?) my time in the army was served in fa personnel directorate in washington during Vn war. not so glamorous as my dad or you, but I happened to mention his unit one day to my boss and suddenly twelve colonels were surrounding me and asking questions. I knew from childhood that the 1id was special, but found out then that the 7th fa divarty was famous as well. my dad might have directed the only firing mission a us arty unit got off on omaha beach on 6-6-44. would love to find out what you know about written and/or published history of 1id and/or 7th fa. I have an original copy of “Danger Forward” which is the history of the division in wwii. thanks for your blog. found you on alphecca. Jerry

  6. Tax Guru says:

    I’ve been included in taxations for longer then I care to acknowledge, both on the private side (all my working life story!!) and from a legal viewpoint since satisfying the bar and following tax law. I’ve provided a lot of advice and corrected a lot of wrongs, and I must say that what you’ve put up makes perfect sense. Please uphold the good work – the more individuals know the better they’ll be outfitted to cope with the tax man, and that’s what it’s all about.

  7. Dan Plishka says:

    That Texas high school book got the first amendment wrong too!
    They substituted the word “shall” with “may”. The words have two entirely different meanings.
    Shall means must!
    May means you don’t necessarily have to do it.
    For example, if you do not have objective evidence for an international ISO standard that uses the words “shall have records”, you have a major non-conformance.
    Too bad there isn’t an amendment that states “Any publisher who changes the wording of the U.S. Constitution or it’s amendments shall immediately lose their citizenship”.

  8. Tyler says:

    Hey…awesome blog, I was wondering if you could email me? rebelmisssissippi at gmail.


  9. Joshua LaBouff says:

    Please contact me (360)480-7023 Joshua LaBouff

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