Sheriff Blames Obama Administration for Police Officer’s Death

Posted: 30 Mar 2015 in Politics


Milwaukee sheriff points finger at president’s and attorney general’s race-baiting tactics

Sheriff Blames Obama Administration for Police Officer's Death
Adan Salazar |

Milwaukee Sherriff David Clarke weighed in on the death of a Boston police officer who was violently murdered on Friday, pointing to the real culprits who have been stoking the flames of racial tension and police hatred in America.

“The War on Police continues unabated. Obama, Holder, de Blasio gave it license,” Sheriff Clarke said in a Tweet yesterday.

On Friday Boston Police officer John Moynihan was shot to death at point blank range as he took part in a shootout in the suburb of Roxbury.

Moynihan’s was the latest in a string of police shootings that have seemingly increased in frequency since “social justice activists” were stirred into taking up…

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