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…here’s today’s links.

Guns/Gun Rights/RKBA


Scandal Central

Foreign Policy

Economics / Crony Capitalism

Constitutional Issues/State’s Rights


Illegal Immigration / Shamnesty / Amnesty

War on Women



Cops/Police/Sheriff/Law Enforcement

Military/Defense News/Veterans/DOD

Middle East

Media/Media Bias

Hollywood Morons

University/School Bias/School Stupid/Common Core

Unions Suck

Race/Race Baiting

NASA / Science/Tech/Computer

Odds & Ends/Misc.

Knockout Game

…very well stated.

…this is a great video with Megan Kelly and Ben Shapiro talking about the morons at Rolling Stone and their “income inequality” meme that you will not hear the end of until after the election, so let’s get out ahead of the stupid.

Lesbian dance theory? Don’t worry, you’ll get the reference when you watch the video.