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Watts Up With That?

Story submitted by Cornelis de Jager
(past president ICSU;past pres. COSPAR)

In a recent publication entitled Terrestrial ground temperature variation in relation to solar magnetic variability, including the present Schwabe cycle, Cornelis (Kees) de Jager and Hans Nieuwenhuijzen, from the Space Research Organisation of the Netherlands have analysed the dependence of the global earth temperature on the polar as well as the equatorial magnetic fields. The new aspect in this research is that all earlier investigations in this field only sought for the dependence of the terrestrial ground temperature on the number of sunspots, which is a “proxy” for  the equatorial magnetic fields of the sun.  But the sun has two big magnetic areas, the equatorial and the polar one. In this research both are included.

In their analysis the Utrecht scientists restricted to the relatively long-term variation of both fields as well as the temperature, such in order to…

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