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…most people that know the issues well will say that the shit sandwich Obama tried to shove down everyone’s throat was just that. A turd shoved between two slices of bread.

Gun control isn’t the issue that should be debated. It’s the fact that there are “gun free” zones that turn into a violent asshole’s dream killing ground.

If children are our most precious commodity, then why do we guard banks better than the kids?

Just curious.

Still Waiting for That Pro-Gun-Control Groundswell

Jacob Sullum

After the Senate gun control bill died last week, The New York Times said “Democratic leadership aides promised that the effort could be revived if a public groundswell demanded it.” Claiming support from nine out of 10 Americans, President Obama and former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) angrily urged the public to rise up in righteous fury and demand action. The results of a new poll by the Pew Research Center can be summed up as a three-word reply to such hopes: not gonna happen.

According to the survey, the share of Americans who reacted negatively to the Senate vote fell short of a majority, with 15 percent describing themselves as “angry” and 32 percent saying they were “disappointed.” Not exactly a groundswell in favor of gun control. On the other side, 20 percent said they were “very happy” about the vote and 19 percent described themselves as “relieved.” In short, even immediately after supporters of new gun controls bombarded the public with images of dead children and grieving parents, insisting that anyone who disapproves of mass murder has no choice but to vote for the president’s policy proposals, there is only an eight-point difference between supporters and opponents of the legislation, and opponents seem to feel more strongly about the issue. Pew also found, in addition to a predictable partisan divide, that opposition to the bill was especially strong among those who said they were following the issue “very closely,” 31 percent of whom said they were very happy the bill failed, compared to 22 percent who were angry.

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