Obama pouts, rants and lies… but mostly lies

Posted: 20 Apr 2013 in Politics

The Liar-in-Chief exposed again.

Two Heads are Better Than One

There has been plenty of coverage following the defeat of the Manchin-Toomey gun control amendment, with most of it dealing with the President’s classless demeanor during his 13-minute whine-fest.

This criticism is richly deserved, but it’s hardly new.

Liar ObamaWhat has fascinated me has been his dogged insistence on focusing on two particular data points which are clearly brazen lies. The first is that “40% of all gun purchases are conducted without a background check”, and that “90 percent of Americans… agree on background checks”. At first blush these sound mighty impressive, but neither claim holds up to even a cursory examination, and THIS was one of the primary reasons the amendment failed.

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  1. Thanks so much for the re-blogs, partner!

    This should have had even his most ardent supporters questioning Obama’s intelligence: those had to be two of the dumbest-sounding lies I’ve heard in a long time… and I have two kids.

    90% in favor? Puh-leeease….

    • 1IDVET says:

      Absolutely my pleasure to do so. \
      It still amazes me that more people including those that support him aren’t questioning his obvious lies and misinformation campaign. Then again, maybe that’s how they prefer their elected leaders to be.

  2. cmblake6 says:

    I’m going over to where you found this to reblog it, but credit for finding it will go to you. How stupid do you have to be to think everyone else is that stupid?

    • 1IDVET says:

      He’s definitely worth the follow.
      The constant lying of Obama, should make a less compliant MSM tear him a new one, but we’ve lost that here.
      The only way to get the truth out there is through social media it seems.
      Thanks for the mention.