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The petty little dictator wannabe has a hissy fit because the system worked as intended. Obama’s failure as president is colossal.

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Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid went for broke on President Obama’s gun control hopes on 04-17-13 and ended up broke indeed.  The “compromise” background check amendment to the larger bill worked out by Senators Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and Pat Toomey (R-Pa) went down to defeat by a margin of 54-46, six votes shy of the required 60-votes necessary to advance the legislation.  The background check provision was the only part of the bill believed to have a ghost of a chance of passing, therefore, all else is also likely dead.  An “assault weapon” ban and magazine ban were also defeated.  There was little doubt anything passed by the Senate would be dead on arrival in the House in any case.


Fox News noted that it was not only Democrats opposing the legislation:  

Four Republicans voted for the amendment, but five Democrats voted against it. One of those Democrats…

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…and booty call is the theme. I thought I’d expand it to the Second Amendment.
Here’s a little gun pr0n for you.

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