Posting Shit…

Posted: 1 Apr 2013 in Just Sayin', Truth
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…has been light because I’ve been lazy, distracted, and well, just not overly giving a shit as of late.

My crudeness may increase exponentially as the year wears on. You’ve been warned.

Life is hard sometimes and sometimes shit happens that really sucks. I guess I’m in one of those times.

I will keep posting, but I may not be saying much, or maybe the daily reading list gets missed once in a while.

I will get back to my usual self eventually. I think everything is funny, even shit that happens to me. That’s my armor. I laugh at everything.

So, in the spirit of not giving a shit, I present you with this lovely picture of Mai Nishida. She has all the right curves. Prove me wrong. I dare you.

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve freshened up the eye candy buttons a little. You should also notice, that is, if you’re a man, that Mai Nishida has one of those buttons. Maybe you should click the button. Just saying.

And would it kill ya to leave a comment once in a while? Hello? Is this thing on? Tell me what you think of the new look.

That’s is all.

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