(*VIDEO*) The NRA’s Colin Noir calls out the President

Posted: 19 Mar 2013 in Politics

Good video.

Two Heads are Better Than One

NRA LOGO 1It’s no secret that I’ve been an NRA member for many years, even though I’m not exactly your typical gun enthusiast. I simply appreciate the idea of being able to defend both myself and my family.

Joining the NRA seemed like the natural thing to do, and I’ve always been happy with my decision.

But their ad campaign which floods my mailbox all year has always had room for improvement. It’s fine and all, but never exactly got me any more excited or motivated than I already was about the 2nd Amendment. And while Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre seems to be a nice man and a decent speaker, he also occasionally goes over the line rhetorically and ends up shooting himself in the foot (sorry, I couldn’t help myself…).

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    Mr. Noir rocks!