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…here’s today’s reading list.

Guns/Gun Rights/RKBA




Government Scandals




Illegal Immigration/Shamnesty/Amnesty






Department of Homeland Stupidity (DHS)


Unions Suck


Global Warming Scam/EPA




Police/Sheriff/Law Enforcement


Israel/Middle East/Muslim/Islam/Jihad/Douche bags


Media Bias/Hollywood Morons



…baseball cards.
But, I really don’t care. He’s my hero. Sort of. At least he is for this:

Yeah, eye candy. Dayum!

At any rate, here’s the story behind this post:

Baseball card maker Topps strips Pete Rose of all-time hit record

Pete Rose notched 4,256 hits throughout his illustrious yet tainted Major League Baseball career, good enough for the most of all time. But don’t expect to find that bit of baseball trivia on this year’s Topps baseball cards. reports that Topps doesn’t acknowledge Rose’s accomplishment on the back of its card in a new section labeled “Career Chase” that shows how far off other players are from historic milestones. Rose was declared permanently ineligible from baseball in 1991 for allegedly betting on games.


…here’s today’s hump day hottie.
This is Rin Suzuka.