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Guns/Gun Rights/RKBA








Liberalism is a Mental Disorder




United Nations


Department of Injustice (DOJ)


Unions Suck


Global Warming Scam/EPA


Police/Sheriff/Law Enforcement


Middle East/Muslim/Islam/Jihad/Douche bags


Media Bias/Hollywood Morons


Race/Race Baiting



…to my email within 4 minutes of my submission.

The question:

What is your position on the Second Amendment? I don’t see it anywhere on your website.

The response:


Thank you for contacting VFW National Headquarters. Once details emerge, this issue will be a very interesting debate in the Congress as well as between media pundits and others who have never walked in harm’s way.  Please rest assured that your VFW fully supports the Second Amendment.  Thanks for your service and for caring enough to write.

William C. Bloomquist

Assistant Director, Administrative Operations

Phone # 816-968-2730

Fax# 816-968-1149

VFW Response

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