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Unions Suck


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… and everyone that reads my blog should know what I think about unions and Democrats. I think they are the scourge of America and unions should be disbanded entirely in the public sector. Private sector I can give a crap.

Democrats suck.

Unions suck.

Goodbye Post Office, Hello Postal Unions
By G. Michael Fielding

If there is one thing conservatives understand, it is that Unions are never satisfied until they get what they want. And when they don’t succeed in their agreement terms with their employers, they will cry threats at everything and anyone except what is really at fault. Recently, the National Association of Letter Carriers Union (NALC) released its new labor contract to its members and posted on its National Bargaining website. One of the statements NALC President Fredric Rolando made was: “This agreement rewards city carriers for these contributions and sets the stage for a major comeback for the Postal Service, provided that Congress does its part to enact real reforms that will allow us to serve the American people and the U.S. economy for decades to come.” Congress does its part to enact real reforms? Could these reforms have anything to do with raising taxes on the American people?

Could it be that the New Agreement included lower wage scales for new career employees as well as the increase of health insurance premiums coupled with no employer matching shares with regard to the Flexible Spending Accounts? Considering the state of the Postal Service and the fact that this once great American institution is now practically broke, why in the world would the NALC want to continue giving support to an administration that keeps stabbing them in the back? Congress certainly is to blame for a lot of things; but rather than focusing on blaming Congressional leaders, the NALC (as well as Unions in general) should take a hard look at the real encompassing cause of the problems with the Postal Service. Surely, the Congress is made primarily of Republicans; but even those Republicans in Congress have no backbone and continuously capitulate to President Obama’s demands.

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