… his liberal agenda is on the table. Republicans in the House better grow a pair of balls and stop this asshole in his tracks. The fundamental transformation to a more Eurocentric vision is not what America was founded on.

He twists the Constitution to fit his agenda and ignores the laws that have been enumerated since America’s founding.

Impeach this man now!

Morning Bell: Obama’s Second Inaugural Address, Translated

Members of Congress—who are about to debate raising the debt ceiling tomorrow—should have paid attention yesterday. The President was very clear that he sees no urgency about reducing the debt and cutting the deficit. In fact, in his second inaugural address, President Barack Obama was honest about his intentions to grow government in order to remake our country along his progressive vision.

To sell his agenda, the President borrowed imagery and terminology from America’s first principles. But he twisted the American founding idea of “We the people” into the liberal “It takes a village.”His rhetoric on the issues only thinly disguised his true meaning. Let’s translate some of his key points.

via Obama Second Inaugural Address, Translated.

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