Posted: 26 Dec 2012 in Politics

Common sense.

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This is what happened, and is still happening, in Australia. This is what has happened in places such as the big yankee cities, and is sure to happen throughout the rest of the country, if gun control takes any further hold on this nation.

The 2A was written specifically to protect personal firearms equivalent to military combat weaponry. No, they didn’t have selective fire weapons at that time, but had they it would have been better defined for later generations.

Now, why would the government be so worried by Joe/Jane Citizen owning a fully capable assault rifle? Could an oppressive government be worried about being overthrown by a dissatisfied citizenry?

Could the crime rate be lowered like Switzerland’s if every house had a trained individual, an M4, and a full can of ammo? More guns DO equal less crime, check the statistics.

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  1. cmblake6 says:

    If you pop back over, you’ll note that jonolan had written a post that was linked at mine from years back. What I did was left a comment there, copied it at mine, and figured I’d leave it with you as well.

    Jonolan, to give any credence at all to anything by the Brady Bunch tends to cause my view of your objectivity to suddenly go totally awry. For example, their ratings are based on the restrictiveness of the states gun laws, the more restrictive the higher their rating. Where I will grant some acceptance in the puzzle of why some states have higher crime rates would fall under environment and culture. But remembering that “per capita” numbers are per 100,000 people, you must look further into the actual location within the states that are confusing, and once again, the culture.