“Social Justice” called, and it wants your children. Now.

Posted: 6 Dec 2012 in Axis of Idiots, Communism, Democrats, Education, Neo-Marxists, Politics, Socialism, WTF Files

And in our unions and liberals suck file, I give you this gem.
But I repeat myself…

Two Heads are Better Than One

The problems with our country’s Public Education system are myriad: the schools themselves are often not safe, and far too often fail to provide even a merely passable education. But I’ve said many times prior that Public Schools are no longer seeking to educate our children, but rather to inculcate them. Just think of the videos you’ve seen where kids are singing praise to Obama (or his policies), as just two examples out of thousands.

Public School Education is now explicitly driven by the Progressive Agenda. Whether we’re discussing sex-ed, or marginalizing religion, or freedom of speech: it’s all Left wing values that are being communicated.


Proof? You want more proof? Okay, you asked for it…

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  1. My sincere thanks for the re-blog, partner!
    Being your neck-o-the-woods, I figured it might resonate with you.

    The video in this post is one of the most contemptible and blatant pieces of propaganda I’ve ever seen. And when you remember that it is to be shown to elementary school kids by their teachers?

    I’m still speechless…

    • 1IDVET says:

      I got ahead of them with my son. I debunked a lot of their BS over the years, and he’s learned to speak up about issues when he feels the need.
      The indoctrination reminds me of the Soviet Unions tactics in their prime. It’s disgusting,

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