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…was awesome!

A friend came out on Sunday to do some shooting.
We hit the desert with his wife and daughter, and my son and his girl friend.
There must have been 20 guns out there between all of us.

I had my Kel-Tec SU-16, Yugoslavian SKS, Remington 870, Beretta 96FS, and Ruger SD-9.
He brought out a variety of guns, including a Remington 700ST, and a .338 Lapua. He also had a AR-15 that was decked out too.

My shoulder is sore as hell today. That generally means a good day of shooting.

The Lapua is new to him and we zeroed it in at close range. It was too windy to dial it in at long range, so getting the close in zero was all we did. That took 25 rounds, because we started out shooting at a smaller target, and making the adjustments was hard to do. Once we switched to a larger target, the zeroing was a breeze.

The .338 was making Swiss cheese out of a 1/2″ – 3/8″ thick metal plate. The Remington was drilling in deep, but didn’t penetrate the plate.
After it was zeroed, he let me pop off a few rounds with it. I hit what I was aiming at, and going through it like it wasn’t even there. Impressive rifle.
I’ll gladly trade my left nut for one.

The Remington 700 was a tack driver as well. Shoots nice and the kick isn’t too bad with it. I think I’ll invest in one of those, I can’t afford a Lapua. Those are beyond my ability to pay for, since it’s discretionary spending for me.

My Beretta performed flawlessly as usual. Not a hick-up one. Eats ammo like a fat boy in a buffet. I have had this pistol for several years. It’s been dropped on the floor, it’s hit the dirt. It’s a reliable gun. I would bet my life on it that it will fire when I want it to fire, and it will hit what I aim at. I recommend the Beretta 92, or 96 without hesitation. In fact, I plan on investing in the Beretta PX-4 Storm, probably the compact version. If it is anything like the 96 in reliability, I’m all over it.

The Ruger SD-9 left something to be desired. I am not happy with that pistol. I don’t think it’s reliable enough for self defense. It continuously jammed on me no matter what I tried with it. I keep my guns clean and this one just wouldn’t fire like it should. I am really disappointed with it. I wouldn’t recommend buying one of these for self defense.

My Kel-Tec fired very well too. I was throwing Wolf ammo through it and had no issues with the ammo.

We fired off a couple shotguns at clays as well. Good stuff.

Proud. The moment when you realize your son can get your back if it’s needed. The boy was hammering targets like it was nothing. A chip off the old block head. He prefers iron sights to boot. Just like the old man. A scope is great for the long distance shit, but anything closer than 500m needs nothing but a good old iron sight for raining bullets on the target. He was firing my pistols with great accuracy and he was unstoppable with the rifles.
Good shit. Nice to know if I need it, he can cover my ass.

We introduced his girl friend to shooting as well. She’d gone once before with someone else, but didn’t do much shooting. I had her shooting my Kel-Tec and Yugo SKS by the time we were done. She also fired both pistols, and one of the .22s that was out there . She did well for someone unaccustomed to guns. I think we have a new shooter in America. Good shit.

All in all, we had a great day celebrating our Second Amendment right.

I’m hoping that we can get more folks out there next time. That was a fun day.

…here’s today’s reading list.

Elections (They have consequences) / Government.

United Nations




Jihad/Islam/Muslim/Child Murdering Bastards

IRAN JAMMIN’: Flagpoles Spark Fears of Anti-Satellite Technology

Senate passes new sanctions against Iran industries




Australia: “Very religious” Muslim stabs his brother for insulting Muhammad




Guns/ Gun Rights/Self Defense




Global Warming Scam






…and voting for moron liberals is dangerous to the Constitution of the United States and our freedoms.
Here’s a prime example of why voting for a Democrat is a bad idea.
They want to control you and everything you do, including what you say.

This comes from NewsBusters:

…with a win for Christmas!
Every year around this time, the douche bags that get offended by religion come out of the woodwork and try to shut down any and all displays of Christmas on public land. They have the misguided notion that the Constitution denies religious expression on government ground. It doesn’t. There is no such thing as separation of church and state. The Constitution is explicit in that the government will not establish a religion. The government isn’t establishing a religion when it allows displays of religious items on government property. It is allowing the “owners” of said government property to utilize it for their benefit. Nothing prevents the anti-Christmas crowd from creating their own displays.
Here at least there is a win for Christmas. America needs more of these wins.

Court rules in favor of public nativity scene- Despite reports, Pope has not canceled Christmas
By Todd Starnes

A federal court ruled that a Michigan family has a constitutional right to display a public Nativity scene, marking an end to a four-year court battle that started when militant secularists objected to the 60-year-old tradition.

“Every December, militant secularists declare war on Christmas celebrations,” said Richard Thompson, president of the Thomas More Law Center. “This is one battle they lost.”

The Law Center represented John Satawa, of Warren, Mich. Since 1945 his family had erected a Nativity display on a public median in their town.

In 2008 the Macomb County Road Commission received a threatening letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation – claiming the display violated the constitutional separation of church and state.

The following year, the county denied Satawa’s Nativity permit because it “displays a religious message.” That denial led to a four-year court battle that culminated with a U.S. Court of Appeals ruling in favor of the display.

A spokesman for the roads commission told Fox News they will not appeal the ruling – and will grant Satawa a permit for the display.

As far as the county is concerned – the case is closed.