... and should be outlawed in my opinion.

What purpose do they serve? The government employee sector already makes more money and work fewer days (one month) than private sector employees. The union claims that they are underpaid by 35%, but they are omitting a part of the equation. Their benefits package is 2.7 times more generous than what is paid by large private sector firms. Let’s not forget about all the sick days and vacation they get on top of all that.

And now, they want Congress to exempt them from the fiscal cliff that is approaching. Since the unions are what gave the most cash to Obama’s campaign, they figure that they are owed something in return.

If military retirees have to take it in the shorts when this fiscal cliff hammers us, then the government employees should be hit even harder.

Should We Pay Government Employees More?

Federal employees—who work on average a month less than private-sector workers and get paid more—are lobbying for higher pay.

Government unions know that Congress is looking for ways to nip and tuck the federal budget, and they’re counting on being left out of the deal.

“The Federal-Postal Coalition—a group representing more than two dozen federal employee unions—pleaded with Congress on Monday to spare their members in any deal related to the ‘fiscal cliff,’” Government Executive reports.

Government unions went all out to re-elect the President—the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) spent more than any other outside group on Obama’s campaign. While only about seven out of 100 private-sector workers are unionized, in government, that number rises to 36 out of 100.

Now they’re complaining that they don’t get paid enough.


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