Posted: 13 Nov 2012 in Politics

Who didn’t see this coming?
Those that voted for Obama.

Two Heads are Better Than One

For most of this year, in post after post, we (along with about a million other folks, so we can’t take ALL the credit…) warned that the Obama Administration via Obamacare was coming after Religious Freedom, and was going to try to make it virtually impossible to both practice your faith AND operate your business.

Heck, that’s what that whole “contraception” battle really was. It wasn’t about access to condoms or the ‘pill’; it was about your faith being ruled out-of-bounds when it came to owning and operating your company.

And, yes, I of course heard that I was being “ridiculous”, …numerous times.

Yeah. SureI was.

Fast forward to the “Hobby Lobby” lawsuit that is STILL going on right now.

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