…and she’s coming for all guns, starting with “assault” weapons.
This bitch has been going after guns from the time this douche was dropped on her head in the delivery room.
If you thought voting for a Democrat President and adding more Democrat Senators to the roster wasn’t without consequences, then you’re a bigger fucking moron than I thought possible.

Those of you that voted for Democrats, that are supposedly pro-gun, just royally fucked up. And you fucked it up for the rest of us. Assholes.

This is the face of evil:

Turn Them Over: Feinstein Moves To Ban ALL Assault Rifles, High Capacity Magazines, and Pistol Grips
Mac Slavo

The agenda no longer needs to be hidden from public view. With President Obama winning another term and democrats taking control of the Senate, the move to fundamentally change America from within has begun – with a vengeance.

We’re all aware of the restrictive gun laws in the State of California which require low capacity magazines for handguns, fixed magazines for “assault” rifles, and a whole lot of running around just to be granted the right to carry a concealed firearm.

Now, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), who has championed gun control in her state for decades and co-wrote the original assault weapons ban enacted by the federal government in the 1990′s, wishes to bring even more stringent federal mandates to the land of the free.

What is being proposed by Feinstein is the most significant attack on the second amendment in history.


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