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…today that is.
I need to sit back and get my thoughts in order.
My emotional response is what’s hitting my blog since last night and it’s not good.

I’ll post my reading list and of course we can’t go through this without a hump day hottie to ease our depression, so that will be posted as well.
I’ll be back in full form tomorrow.

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It ain’t gonna be pretty.

I recommend that you go buy that gun you’ve been eyeballing since the Second Amendment is probably on the table now.

Here’s a good look at it from American Thinker:

Obama’s Second Term
By Ron Kilmartin

The first term was dedicated to revving up the socialist engine with ObamaCare passage. President Obama has given us many indications of where he wants to go with a second term, although he has not discussed these in his campaign. Some of these are listed here.

1. Implementation of Obama care, turning over the care of our bodies to mindless bureaucrats, with exorbitant taxes and death panels.

2. Demand that religious institutions and hospitals to conform to his atheistic Obamacare regulations promoting abortion and sexual promiscuity.

3. Implementation of a civilian security force just as strong and just as well financed as the Defense Department. That would be over 200,000 storm troopers with a budget of X trillion, — i.e., the same as DoD. Why would we need 200,000 storm troopers? Is that what he thinks is necessary to put down a middle-class revolution? Sounds a bit like the Nazi Gestapo or the Soviet secret police: NKVD. Further, he bought 1.2 billion rounds of hollow point ammo — enough to drill each of us with 40 rounds apiece. Hollow points are illegal for all the world’s armed forces — outlawed by Geneva convention. They can turn a 45-cal bullet into a 1′ Explosive inside your body. Why, Mr. O? Why?


…to those who voted third party that I called morons. I’m the moron.

I typed those two posts last night in frustration and anger at the fact that America is too stupid to see that a failed President should never be given a second term. We’ve just given him the green light to push this country even further to the left and increase the percentage of Americans on the government dole.

In my anger I lashed out at the Libertarians, I actually tend to lean in that direction.
And for that I apologize.

I just don’t think that voting for a Libertarian candidate for President was the right thing to do, especially for this election. In my estimation, that was what put Obama over the top in key states.

I think the right way to get libertarian principles into the American electorate is to vote for libertarians for Congress.There needs to be more of them there, where they can have an impact on the way America is governed. Ron Paul and Rand Paul have continued to push for the libertarian principles from within, where they have a greater impact on the direction America is going. They bring attention to many issues that need to be addressed and it puts their ideals on the table for everyone to see. That’s how the libertarian cause can be better served in my mind.

Again, to any of my readers that I pissed on last night, I apologize.