…as Americans that believe in a Constitutional Republic, we may have lost this battle, but the war isn’t over until the fat lady sings. And that bitch ain’t no where to be seen.

As Conservatives, we must fight to rid the GOP of the feckless RINOs that infest the party, or we will continue to have to deal with a third party that will continue to siphon off votes from the GOP. Case in point: With 94% of the vote counted in Virginia, Obama over Romney by 13,674. Gary Johnson has 27,602. Libertarians helped Obama win this election. Romney wasn’t conservative enough to bring them into the big GOP tent and it shows.

Until the GOP gets rid of RINOs like John McCain, Mitt Romney and the like, it will continue to sound like the other guy and not offer the contrast that would show the general populace that liberalism is a death knell for any country that espouses it.

Don’t give up on America. Fight for it. Fight for it hard. I will.

Read this:

Courage for the Long War Ahead

On November 6, the people of the United States rejected President Barack Obama. And re-elected him to a second term in office. The same constitutional peculiarity that brought George W. Bush into office in 2000 has now returned Barack Obama to the White House. The irony is more all the more painful for Republicans–and sweeter for Democrats–since Mitt Romney won by a larger margin, and apparently won a popular majority.

The voters also re-affirmed the results of the historic Tea Party election of 2010, returning Republicans to power in the House of Representatives. And yet the voters also retained Democrats in control of the Senate, preserving the results of the anti-war wave election of 2006. The U.S. Congress is now divided between two parties whose members were elected on platforms of protest, each determined to stop the other from pursuing its policies.

In the days that follow, great efforts will be spent on explaining the results as consequences of many factors, big and small. Perhaps Obama would have lost if not for Hurricane Sandy. Perhaps Romney would have won if he had fought harder over Benghazi or pushed back against personal attacks. Perhaps the GOP is out of touch with the country’s changing mores and demographics. Perhaps Democrats have not yet reckoned with fiscal reality.

Both sides lost. The American people, in effect, handed a vote of no confidence to Washington. But it is true that Republicans, and conservatives more generally, lost more than Democrats. The presidency is more powerful than ever, and Obama will likely have the opportunity to nominate at least one additional Supreme Court justice, tipping the ideological balance of the Court in a profoundly liberal, statist direction for the next generation.


  1. More people voted for third party candidates in this election because there’s virtually no difference between the Dems & Repubs anymore.

    Nothing much will change until the 2 party stranglehold is broken.


    • 1IDVET says:

      I know.
      I almost did myself, but in the end, I felt that voting for the libertarian was wasting my vote and like handing Obama 2 votes.
      Until there is a parity in the strength of the third party with the other two, then the Democrats will win time and again.

      • One reason I voted for Johnson is that if he had received 5% of the vote, the party would be eligible for matching federal campaign funds next time around. That’s important for the 3rd party to get equal footing.


      • 1IDVET says:

        I hear you.
        I know that there needs to be a better way to get the third party, on parity. But there is just way too many people that are entrenched in the other two parties for that to be a reality, and it was obvious that voting for Johnson wouldn’t get him elected. That’s my point in all this.
        Libertarians need to put people in Congress, like a Ron Paul, Rand Paul, etc., then there’s a chance to effect policy from the inside of the system and push the electorate in the right direction and effect policy changes that matter.
        Electing Libertarians to Congress is the way to make the third party more viable. Even if they have the GOP label.