…if he loses tomorrow.

Just remember douche bags, violence begets violence.

KUHNER: Obama backers threaten postelection violence
Grievance politics have set the stage for mayhem
By Jeff Kuhner

President Obama’s supporters are threatening riots and violence should he be defeated in November. Mr. Obama is in deep trouble. He was trounced by his Republican rival, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, in the first presidential debate. Since then, Mr. Obama’s aura of invincibility — carefully cultivated by the establishment media — has been shattered. He has been exposed as an incompetent and arrogant socialist whose policies have failed to revive the economy. His angry second debate performance did not reverse his downward trajectory. His followers are now panicking. Some are demanding that blood flow in the streets should he lose the election. Hope and change have given way to rage and fury.

Last weekend, thousands of pro-Obama Twitter account users vowed to start a race war if Mr. Obama is not re-elected. Many pledged to burn down homes and shops. Laden with obscenities and racist language against whites, the tweets reveal the radical left’s anti-democratic, thuggish nature. “If Obama don’t [sic] win lets [sic] start a riot so Romney know [sic] what he’s getting himself into,” wrote one. Another tweet stated: “If Romney wins im [sic] goin [sic] on a rampage.” There were countless such threats, most of them much more vile, graphic and chilling — not fit for publication in a newspaper.

After the second debate, there was an explosion of tweets calling for Mr. Romney to be killed if he wins in November. “Already planning my attack,” said one. “Somebody should assassinate Romney,” wrote another. Besides Fox News and the Drudge Report, however, major media outlets have refused to even mention the story. The reason is simple: It shows — in stark, irrefutable detail — the intolerance and hatred of many liberals. Contrary to myth, revolutionary violence has been an intrinsic part of socialism’s march to power. Vladimir Lenin, Josef Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot, Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez — together they have slaughtered tens of millions in the service of their ideology. In America, it has been predominantly the left and not the right that has engaged in heinous acts. Timothy McVeigh is the obvious exception. The Weather Underground, the Black Panthers, the Nation of Islam, the Unabomber, eco-terrorists and the Occupy Wall Street movement, however, have championed violence to advance their anti-capitalist, anti-American agenda.


  1. Bring it. I doubt those twits understand just how close we are to pushing back.

    And they would be stunned at our ferocity, and aim 😉