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…and in the spirit of Halloween, I present Zhang Wan You. She’s dressed as a bunny this year.


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Good analysis from the “forgotten” Trayvon Martin case.

I highly recommend that you read the whole series on this.

Mike McDaniel does an excellent job laying out the facts of the case and has done a diligent job in getting it right.

Stately McDaniel Manor

As I’ve repeatedly written, absent the confluence of an ethically challenged prosecutor, racialist politics, media investment in a politically correct—and fanciful–narrative and remarkable and serial disregard for Florida law by the criminal justice system, the Trayvon Martin case would be nothing more than one of many unremarkable shootings justified by self-defense around the nation each year.  The case would never have gained garish national prominence, only to essentially and inevitably drop below the national radar when it no longer provides immediate benefits for those using it for their purposes.

The system initially worked.  The police investigated, the local prosecutor reviewed their work, determined that George Zimmerman acted in self-defense under Florida law, and did not charge him.  There the case should have ended.

With the presidential race to be decided next week and with bigger issues to cover—or as in the case of Benghazi, to ignore—media and public interest…

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Superstorm Sandy…

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…the devastation is unbelievable.

FIFTY DEAD…and it’s NOT over

The scale of the devastation left by Superstorm Sandy is mounting today as the death toll continues to rise – currently 50 people across the US and Canada have been reported dead, but the final figure is expected to be significantly higher.

President Obama declared a ‘major disaster’ in New York and Long Island as flooded streets were littered with cars, homes were razed to the ground and tankers washed up on shore.

The President warned that Sandy ‘is not yet over’ and announced that he would visit New Jersey on Wednesday to visit the scenes of the destruction.

Hundreds of thousands of people are without power in New York and the transit system, schools, the stock exchange and Broadway are all out of action after a 13ft wall of water caused by the storm surge and high tides brought severe flooding to subways and road tunnels.

Sandy, one of the biggest storms to ever descend on the country, hit the mainland at 6.30pm local time yesterday having laid waste to large parts of the coast during the day.