…he will raise taxes.

You’ve been warned by the SCOAMF himself.

And if you believe that it’s only for the wealthy, I’ve got a bridge in San Fransisco for sale, inquire within.

Obama: Second term would be ‘mandate’ for cuts, tax increases
By David Hill

President Obama said in an interview aired Monday that his first priority if re-elected would be to push for passage of a debt-reduction plan to cut spending and raise taxes on the nation’s highest earners.

Appearing in a taped interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Mr. Obama predicted that Congress can approve a plan to reduce the country’s debt and deficit as soon as during a lame-duck session later this year, or in the early months of next year.

“If we won, then I believe that’s a mandate for doing it in a balanced way,” he said in the interview, which was taped Saturday at a campaign stop in Nashua, N.H. “We can do some more cuts, we could look at how we deal with the health care costs in particular under Medicaid and Medicare in a serious way, but we are also going to need some revenue.”


  1. Questionman says:

    Racist Right calls Obama a traitor over death of FOUR Americans, But calls Bush a Patriot over the death of thousands! Sean Insanity uses suffering people as “prop” to demean Obama’s efforts while Hate-Radio and Romney does NOTHING to help!

    It’s disgusting how President Obama is being vilified for the death of FOUR Americans. It was a horrible tragedy but it also shows another mental problem with the right, and that is being hypocritical to the bone.

    With the election next week, the party of racists, bigots, extremists haters are NOT hiding the hard-core fact that they don’t want black people in the White House anymore. That proof is in the pudding.

    You right wing nuts blame Obama for everything from how your kid does in school to the weather conditions.

    I’m supporting Obama because generally speaking I believe he is tilting the country in the right direction, particularly from an economic perspective, whereas the Republicans would do irreparable damage to the economy and gut vital social programs that are a lifeline to many Americans just like they did for eight years Under Bush.

    Wow so let’s see shal we? Despite alledgedly being nothing more than an unqualified “community organizer” we now have a guy that can have people killed, controls the tectonic plates and can call down earthquakes at will, has the power to manipulated the global media, is going to circumvent the Constitution to obtain a third term, somehow is taking guns away despite only a single significant bit of gun legislation during the term which actually expanded gun rights, and is simultaneiously both the messiah and the antichrist. Wow I can understand why you oddballs are so frightened by this uberman

    No doubt Obama-haters like here are without dobut the biggest racists in American History. Bigger than the KKK, bigger than the Nazi. Bigger than Rush Limabugh!

    The party of racists, bigots, extremists, homophobes, AND hypocrites scream bloody murder over the fact that FOUR Americans die under a “lie” that President Obama told, but then again these exact same hypocrites didn’t whine, in fact, they didn’t care or mind that hundreds and thousands of Americans died under a lie President Bush told. They didn’t mind that they died for an unjust war or that they died looking for weapons of Mass Delusion.

    That is a fact!
    Anyone who sees Obama as a Terrorist Is an Un-American Racist!
    Anyone who sees Obama as a Traitor Is an Un-American Racist!
    Anyone who sees Obama as a Communist Is an Un-American Racist!
    Anyone who sees Obama as a Marxist Is an Un-American Racist!
    Anyone who sees Obama as a Socialist Is an Un-American Racist!
    Anyone who sees Obama as a Muslim Is an Un-American Racist AND a Bigot!
    Anyone who sees Obama as a Liar Is an Un-American Racist AND a hypocrite!
    Anyone who sees Obama as a Fraud Is an Un-American Racist!
    Anyone who sees Obama as a Enemy of America Is an Un-American Racist!
    Anyone who sees Obama as a Destroyer of America Is an Un-American Racist!
    Anyone who sees Obama as a Murder Is an Un-American Racist!
    Anyone who sees Obama as a Evil Man Is an Hateful Un-American Racist!
    Anyone who sees Obama as a Homo Is an Un-American Racist AND a lying homophobe!
    Anyone who sees Obama as a Failure Is an Un-American Fact-challenged liar who thinks 8 years of Bush was a Success!

    I think in some republicans minds he is a virtual communist, but in reality he is nothing of the sort. Hell! He’s NONE of these things! Just a Black man as President who doesn’t scare Americans, just the party of racist, bigots, extremists, homophobes who will go as far to exploit the suffering of Americans, like Sean Insanity to demean the President!

    POS & SCOAMF – nicknames for Obama popularized by Brain-dead racists and Dog Fellaters.
    “The Republicans are the party that says government doesn’t work…
    and then get elected and prove it.” – P.J. O’Rourke

    Who knew after four years I was right! You people are a disgrace to all Americans! You clearly aren’t a Christian with that mouth …. and the others who speak the same pathetic language you do. YUK !

    • 1IDVET says:

      I stopped reading your bullshit as soon as I saw the word racist.
      You fucking morons on the left can’t figure it out. If this cock sucker was white, I’d say the same fucking thing.
      You douche bag.
      Morons like you are proof that liberalism is a fucking mental disorder.
      It’s not just the death of four Americans asshole, it’s the fucking nonstop lying and coverup that this administration has done since day one.
      Fuck off.