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…can relate it to you. I’m sure the liberals will cry foul, or that’s racist, but she’s black, so you can’t go there.

Stolen from Vilmar’s place.

…there’s not much time left..

Interesting Stats…

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…of folks that have visited this blog.
I was curious as to where people that read my blog hail from.
Here’s the break down of the top 10 from the last 10 days:

Country             Views

United States 6,544
Indonesia 1,340
Canada 309
Thailand 273
Philippines 265
Malaysia 255
United Kingdom 218
Turkey 173
Australia 162
Republic of Korea 154

I’m thinking the reason I have so many Asian countries is the fact that I post mostly Asian babes for my eye candy parade.

Tell your friends if you like my blog, or hell we can swap links if we haven’t already done so. Not to be confused with swapping spit in the shower, although…

It would also be appreciated if I get more comments from everyone. Sometimes it feels like I’m talking to myself. Sometimes I answer myself, which is worrisome.


Madness does not always howl. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “Hey, is there room in your head for one more?”

I get that a lot.


Thanks to all who venture through my little part of the world.

Here’s your hump day hottie for the week.
This is Fumina Suzuki.


…woe! WTF?!
The libtard media and the Democrats keep saying there isn’t any election fraud, so we don’t need voter ID laws!
Project Veritas gets the skinny!

…comes from the Sultan Knish.

Obama does not know how to govern. He does not know how to address the economy or war. The one thing he knows how to do is be popular. That is the one and only skill that he has cultivated in his life. And it is a good skill for a politician, but a politician whose only skill is popularity had better avoid taking responsibility for anything that might make him unpopular.

Notice anything that Obama has taken responsibility for? Well, other than killing Osama Bin Laden that is.

This is a well written piece that deserves your attention. It explains a lot about the current, soon to be former, president and those that supported him.

A Star Falls Over Chicago
by Daniel Greenfiel

The Obama Campaign, that strange 4 year marriage of Generation X hipsters, inner city bosses, suburban college educated boomers longing for racial healing, Big Green businessmen and shady Saudis, appears to be finally sinking beneath the waves. It isn’t going out in a blaze of glory, but with mumbles of trending topics.

Obama was always a petty man and his campaign has descended into pointless pettiness, into Team Big Bird, binders full of women and bayonets and horses. Like so much hipster culture, it exists so that the participants can entertain each other with something that no one else thinks is funny or clever. And that elitism is precisely the point. It’s the last resort of losers who hide from their lack of taste behind walls of exclusivity.

Abandoning mass appeal, Obama is getting back to his roots of entertaining upper middle class college kids with his ‘hipness’; both actual  college kids and the overgrown middle aged variety that make up the professional class of the mediacracy who treat the rest of the country the way that they treated the natives on their Peace Corps assignments.


…here’s today’s reading list. So much to read, so little time!