…should be made nu-Constitutional for the mere fact that they discriminate against everyone else that isn’t a member of the protected class.
If you’re white, American, or a woman not of color, or heterosexual, there is no hate crime that will be added to the perpetrator of the crime, even if it is as obvious as the nose on your face that it was hate based.

In my opinion it’s all about politics and political correctness.

Here’s a good article that talks about this from The American Thinker.

What Happens When a Ponytailed Defense Attorney Gets Mugged?
By Tina Trent

What happens when ponytailed defense attorney Ron Kuby gets mugged?  He screams bloody murder, demands a police crackdown on the alleged assailant, and collaborates with reporters at the New York Daily News to raise the specter of hate crime charges.  Here’s the outline of the story, from the New York Post:

Michael Cook is charged with misdemeanor assault for allegedly clocking Kuby on West 23rd Street in mid-September. Kuby told cops he’d been walking near Cook and Cook’s girlfriend, and the punch in the nose was his reward for objecting to the girlfriend’s overheard anti-gay diatribe.

“I spend my life preventing most people from going to jail, but he’s working very hard to go there,” Kuby said of his accused assailant. “Sooner or later the warrant squad will wake him up very early in the morning and without a cup of coffee.”

The lawyer famous for using every trick in the book to denigrate police and spring violent offenders back onto the street expects a different response from the system when he’s the alleged victim of a minor crime — in this case, a fistfight Kuby acknowledges instigating.

  1. All crimes are hate crimes, IMO. The only reason for a law such as this is to punish caucasians.