New ad exposes Barack Obama’s debate lie about calling the Libya attack an “Act of Terror” in the Rose Garden on September 12th

Posted: 19 Oct 2012 in Politics

On the Obama LIE about Benghazi.
Liar, liar…

America's Watchtower

 If you saw the debate last Tuesday you no doubt heard Barack Obama purposely misrepresent his statement in the Rose Garden the day after the terrorist attack on the consulate in Libya. You also heard the moderator step in to save Barack Obama by agreeing with his assertion even though it was out of context. That night Candy Crowley admitted Mitt Romney was right, although that admission wasn’t heard by nearly the 60 million people who saw the exchange live during the debate and replayed several times afterward. Mission accomplished.

  American Crossroads has released a new video which shows brilliantly how the Obama regime tried over and over again to lay the blame for the terrorist attack in Libya on the You Tube video in spite of what Barack Obama claimed during the debate. Here it is:

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