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Michelle Obama tells a whopper, must be an Obama trademark:

First lady: President ‘didn’t point fingers, didn’t place blame’
By Justin Sink

First lady Michelle Obama said Wednesday that President Obama did not look to blame others for the challenges he faced as president, an apparent rebuke of Republican accusations that the White House continues to point the finger at President George W. Bush for the lagging economy.

“See, but your president, he didn’t point fingers,” Michelle Obama said at a campaign fundraiser in New York. “He didn’t place blame. Instead, he got to work, because he was thinking about folks like my dad and like his grandmother. See, and that’s why he cut taxes for small businesses and for working families, because he believes that in America, teachers and firefighters should not pay higher tax rates than millionaires and billionaires.”

During Thursday’s presidential debates, the candidates were asked to respond to a questioner who said he was reluctant to support Mitt Romney because of Bush’s record.

Obama did say that he thought “it’s important to tell you that we did come in during some tough times,” but then pivoted to a defense of his economic record.


On the Obama LIE about Benghazi.
Liar, liar…

America's Watchtower

 If you saw the debate last Tuesday you no doubt heard Barack Obama purposely misrepresent his statement in the Rose Garden the day after the terrorist attack on the consulate in Libya. You also heard the moderator step in to save Barack Obama by agreeing with his assertion even though it was out of context. That night Candy Crowley admitted Mitt Romney was right, although that admission wasn’t heard by nearly the 60 million people who saw the exchange live during the debate and replayed several times afterward. Mission accomplished.

  American Crossroads has released a new video which shows brilliantly how the Obama regime tried over and over again to lay the blame for the terrorist attack in Libya on the You Tube video in spite of what Barack Obama claimed during the debate. Here it is:

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…goes as well as one would expect.
“Owa, mein arsch!”
At least I think it’s pretty stupid to even consider it. But leave it to this German moron to give it a try anyway.

Ask yourself this question: “Why is stupid always funny?”

…brought to you by the letter O and the number 16 trillion…
Funny video of Romney at the Al Smith dinner.

And in the spirit of fairness, here’s Obama at the same dinner.

…and spent, like a drunken sailor on shore leave. Apologies to all drunken sailors.

The money that the government takes in, doesn’t even come close to the money that’s spent.

America’s number one export, is debt.

It’s all about the Benjamins.

The 7-Eleven Presidency | The Weekly Standard.

In the wake of the Treasury Department’s newly released summary of federal spending for 2012, it’s now possible to detail just how profligate the Obama years have been.  Here’s the upshot:  Under Obama, for every $7 we’ve had, we’ve spent nearly $11 (or, to be more exact, $10.95).  That’s like a family that makes $70,000 a year — and is already knee-deep in debt — blowing nearly $110,000 a year.

To illustrate this a bit differently, for every Jackson ($20) we’ve had available to spend under Obama, we’ve also borrowed a Hamilton ($10) and a Washington ($1) and spent those too.  The only thing is that, under Obama, we’ve (literally) spent the equivalent of 342 billion Jacksons, 342 billion Hamiltons, and 342 billion Washingtons — borrowing all of the Hamiltons and Washingtons.


…is a long and undistinguished list of losers.

When the government is in the business of picking businesses to support, they usually fall flat on their face. In the case of the Obama Administration, the failure of the Green Energy sector is colossal and continues to be under reported in the MSM.

In fact they do talk about individual failures, but they don’t talk about all the past failures of green companies when they do it, giving the impression that it’s a rare thing.


President Obama’s Taxpayer-Backed Green Energy Failures
Ashe Schow

It is no secret that President Obama’s and green-energy supporters’ (from both parties) foray into venture capitalism has not gone well. But the extent of its failure has been largely ignored by the press. Sure, single instances garner attention as they happen, but they ignore past failures in order to make it seem like a rare case.

The truth is that the problem is widespread. The government’s picking winners and losers in the energy market has cost taxpayers billions of dollars, and the rate of failure, cronyism, and corruption at the companies receiving the subsidies is substantial. The fact that some companies are not under financial duress does not make the policy a success. It simply means that our taxpayer dollars subsidized companies that would’ve found the financial support in the private market.

via The Complete List of Obama’s Taxpayer-Backed Green Energy Failures.