…to the reality that Obama is NOT their friend?
There seems to be a bit of a trend in Florida that shows Jews are increasingly pro Romney and are abandoning Obama.
One can only hope that the folly of the past where Jews supported a Party that is increasingly anti-Semitic and completely anti-Israel.
There’s a comment from the post that I reblogged from the Mad Jewess with a comment from Rabbi Dr. Rosenberg that is worth your time to read.

Obama, Oy Vey! American Jews Finally Have Had Enough
By Stella Paul

“Two Jews, three opinions” goes the famous joke. And every day, more of those opinions turn pro-Romney, as American Jews increasingly reject the collapsing presidency of Barack Hussein Obama.

Romney’s surging poll numbers in the crucial state of Florida reflect his growing success with Bubbie Molly and her unemployed grandson Adam, who both thought their right hand would wither if it ever pulled the lever for a Republican.

The signs and portents are everywhere, beginning with the special election of a Republican in Anthony Weiner’s heavily Jewish, New York congressional district one year ago. Now a startling new poll even has Romney performing the ultimate miracle: the parting of the blue states, winning the Jewish vote by a healthy 44% to 40%!

Florida activist Alan Bergstein described his recent experience advocating for Romney in the Jewish stronghold of Delray Beach. “Of about 100 entering and leaving the Bagel Tree eatery in that plaza, we ran into only two Democrats and loads and loads of Romney supporters. They stopped to talk to us, to congratulate us and to support us with their views of the Ryan/Biden debate. They were militant and fearless.”

Watch this video:

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