US Army Medevac Fail…

Posted: 15 Oct 2012 in Military, Politics, US Army, WTF Files
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…is something that I have written about before and linked to Michael Yon‘s site in regards to his efforts to get the Army to take the damn red cross off of the Medevac birds. That red cross is nothing but a target for any jihadist with a gun. It tells the enemy that it is unarmed and they can take their sweet ass time to shoot it down.

Now there’s a Vietnam Medal of Honor Dustoff pilot coming out against the red cross too as well as the way we do Medevacs now.
We didn’t learn a damn thing from Vietnam apparently.

There are many more issues with the Medevac scene that need to be addressed.

Getting the arm chair general out of the loop would be a good start. Get this operation back in the hands of the medical field. Patients come first with them. Rear echelon weenies can’t make a good decision if they aren’t involved in the process.

DUSTOFF Medevac: General — Medal of Honor recipient — Slams Army
Written by Kevin DeAnna

General slams military for forgetting history
Medal of Honor recipient says focus no longer on wounded

A “very, very disappointed” Gen. Patrick Brady has slammed the U.S. Army for forgetting the lessons of the legendary “Dust Off” helicopter ambulance program from the Vietnam War.

It was in an interview on “Talk Back with Chuck Wilder,” that Brady, a recipient of the Medal of Honor, explained that bureaucratic changes within the Army are endangering wounded soldiers.

He’s also the author of “Dead Men Flying: Victory in Vietnam.”

“The focus is not on the patient,” he explained, noting that increased emphasis has been placed on risk assessment, command and control, and other factors that “Dust Off” pilots in Vietnam “had not even heard of.”


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